Monday, June 01, 2009

Sara Marie Brenner: A Persecution Complex

"She cares too much about the City of Powell and good government in general to let them get away with it."

She's talking about a seat on Powell City Council, for crying out loud.

The best part is her claim that "bickering and back-stabbing has to stop." This while she is bickering and back-stabbing.

Thankfully, I can "send a clear message to those trying to undermine [her] campaign" by opening my wallet. How magnanimous?

People like this scare me. Can you image how she will act once given minor powers?

Note: Brenner asks, "Why are blogs attacking [me]?" Because it's politics. And because you are doing the same.

From an email I received (unsolicited) from the Brenner campaign:

Friends of Sara Marie Brenner
Sara Marie Brenner for Powell City Council in '09

Why Are Blogs Attacking Sara Marie Brenner?

Since the May 26th announcement, those against conservative fiscal policy and good government have already begun attacking Sara Marie Brenner. Yes, for a City Council race, people are already in attack mode! Various blogs and individuals are making up hateful lies just to try to make you think that Sara is something she's not. She cares too much about the City of Powell and good government in general to let them get away with it. Sara supports transparency and truth, and she will be happy to combat the lies that come out about her all through this campaign.

Show these people that you support Sara Marie Brenner by making an
online donation to support Sara's campaign for Powell City Council. What a way to say "thank you" to the people who are posting the hateful lies!

So, let's get the record straight about the Delaware County Political Reporter blog, Topix blog, and other blogs out there that just like to spew hatred. First of all, they are all anonymous. While we have a pretty good idea of who it is, the people behind them don't come out and announce who they are or provide any proof. If they're so right, why don't they make themselves public and provide the proof? If Sara has something to say, she'll make sure you know she's the one saying it.

The Delaware County Political Reporter blog went through several of the people on Sara's campaign web site and attacked them individually, as well, just to try to scare them into retracting their endorsements. Are we going to let these people get away with these kinds of tactics? Fight against the dirty tactics of coercion and hatred by
supporting Sara Marie Brenner for Powell City Council.

In addition, one of our county-wide elected officials to whom Sara sent an email asking for support posted the email on a blog, saying that they were "speechless" about receiving the email. Is this person that unconcerned about the job they were elected to do that they have time to contribute to a blog? As Powell City Councilwoman, Sara will be above politics and the 'cat and mouse games' that go on behind the scenes. Sara believes we all need to work together, especially in these times, to get things done for our constituents! The bickering and back-stabbing has to stop - it's a waste of time and resources for everyone.

A blog has also made a comment regarding Sara's support of keeping the Powell Chamber of Commerce separate from the Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce when the proposed merger was being discussed. Somehow, the blogs think that this means Sara doesn't support actually working together. To the contrary! Chambers of Commerce can partner in many ways, but that doesn't mean that they have to officially merge. The merger wasn't necessary, and it was best for Powell at the time, and continues to be best for Powell, for there to be a separate Chamber of Commerce supporting Powell's many businesses. Blogs' claims that this is "contradictory" is nothing but a far-fetched falsehood.

And now, the Delaware County Political Reporter blog is claiming that Sara's husband, Delaware County Recorder &
Legislative Candidate Andrew Brenner, is "laundering" money through Sara's company for his campaign. We ask, prove it! When the campaign finance reports are filed, the world will be able to see that this is another lie attempted to demean to two public servants who have the best interests of the citizens at heart. The Brenners are working and will work hard to protect taxpayers dollars.

All of these blog claims are false and baseless, and written by Sara's opponents who don't want for she or her husband to be successful public servants. Just as Andrew has been able to cut his own budget while in office, Sara supports fiscal conservativism, as well, and looks forward to bringing those principals to the City of Powell. She can't help it if her opponents want the status quo of lawsuits, voters feeling they aren't being heard and bickering between the township and city.
Help Sara Marie Brenner stop the lawsuits, keep taxes low, listen to constituents, work to better handle traffic and congestion, and move forward with balanced growth and development!

To combat these groups and individuals, Sara Marie Brenner will need the campaign funds for mailers, yard signs, literature pieces and other necessary materials to get the word out about her positive campaign.
Please make a secure online donation and support her campaign!

We will continue to refute the false claims we find. For more information on Sara Marie Brenner, please visit and you are always welcome to contact the campaign. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Sara, Andrew or the campaign at any time. Just call or email!

Together, we will send a clear message to those trying to undermine Sara Marie Brenner's campaign.

Friends of Sara Marie Brenner


Anonymous said...

They are amusing to watch.

Sara Marie Brenner said...

Dear Jim,

I am sorry that you do not understand where I am coming from. I am not back-stabbing and bickering -- how am I back-stabbing and bickering, anyway? What I am doing, however, is not allowing people who attack others, especially me, to get away with it anymore without a response.

I would appreciate it if, in the future, you would contact me if you have a problem with something I've written or done. You have my personal contact information. I am always happy to talk one-on-one about a concern anyone has.

The back and forth on blogs of attacking one another should stop so that we can all work together as a party.

Kindest Regards,
Sara Marie Brenner