Friday, June 05, 2009

The End of the Republic: Socialized Healthcare

What is the Rubicon that divides freedom from servitude? According to David Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable, it’s healthcare. And he has a point.

To hear Zanotti tell it – and the man is passionate about this subject, resistance to the growing state ends once government holds the power of life and death. Once government allocates healthcare, based on its arbitrary whims and fancies, this nation will fall in line – it will have to.

Consider this situation: Your bible study was shut down due to the lack of a city permit. You want to express your offense. And you want express it loud and clear. But your daughter is ill. Do you speak the Truth knowing that your words may offend some official who has the power to deny the healthcare your child so desperately needs? Would you speak? Could you speak?

Does that sound farfetched? Just for a moment, consider acquaintances who send their children to public schools. How many of them are willing to upset the status quo? And this is true even though the parents are free to remove their children from those very same schools. If a parent fears the lowly teacher and principal, with his child’s life on the line, how much more will he fear the vindictive bureaucrat charged with allocating scarce healthcare?

Yes, it is true that state can intrude on my life and property. It can harass and arrest me for no reason whatsoever. However, currently, anyway, it cannot deny healthcare to my children as long as I am able obtain the necessary funds.

Zanotti believes this will all change if our nation succumbs to the material dialectic of socialized medicine – the Fabian approach of gradual political change. He is convinced government will not force socialization in one swift move. It will not attempt to shove socialized medicine down our throats, only to have the nation regurgitate it as before. No, the state will deliver socialized medicine in measured doses, slowly poisoning our health and our freedom.

Two thing are forgotten in the debate: One, just like all services and commodities, healthcare is scarce – scarce in that more is demanded than can be supplied at a price of $0. That should not be surprising. However, for most Americans, it is.

Price is a factor in healthcare, as it must be. Luckily, as demand sends prices and profits soaring, new providers and producers enter the field. Well, that is true in the unregulated market, but it is not so true for healthcare. Nevertheless, the solution to current regulations is not more regulations – or total government control of healthcare. The answer is less government and more freedom.

The second forgotten issue is the influence of government on our current system. As it stands, the price of healthcare is inflated due to such interventions as state licensing of healthcare providers. To hear some tell it, without government, and government licensure requirements, quality will quickly go south. Bunk.

I favor a completely deregulated system. I say let the market decide who can practice medicine, just as the market decides who replaces the brakes on my car. In the end, under a free market, prices will fall and quality will rise. That is the function of the free market, and it is something that only the free market can provide.

Whom should we entrust with our health – with our lives? Should we entrust it to government, which sees healthcare as a cost; a cost to be allocated to those favored by the state and withdrawn from those not favor? Or should we entrust it to the current, highly regulated system where healthcare is both a cost and a potential avenue for profit? Or should we entrust it to the free market, with unregulated healthcare providers and producers working to profit by ensuring patient satisfaction?

The answer should be obvious, but it is not. And because many Americans cannot see the ills of governmental interventions in the market, they assume the need for government involvement in healthcare. This mind set creates the fertile intellectual field for Fabian seeds that turn a hampered market into one controlled completely by the state.

If the state grabs this next foothold over the Rubicon, the Republic truly becomes the empire. And the likelihood of liberty’s return is greatly diminished.

While Zanotti travels about, spreading the word, he is not simply crying out in the wilderness. Folks are beginning to awaken to the reality that government healthcare is not of the people. It is of the state. And it will be a hefty yoke to bear.

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Anonymous said...

You and Zanotti are so correct. Medical offices are now switching over to computerized records (saving those trees, dontcha know) and soon Big Brother will have a need for all those records helpfully compiled by our doctors. We have already experienced our nannies outlawing and taxing foods and activities "for our good", our betters are now trying to increase taxes on booze and cigarettes (sin taxes) to buy the arena from the Big Shots, our insurers and employers and the media are trying to dictate our lifestyles to us (super-nagger Andrea Cambern helps with this), and it is inevitable that this government will control us via medical care (life and death). And by now many of our fellows have been indoctrinated to accept all this as good. The government schools are essential for the indoctrination of the citizenry.