Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jim Camp gives the two most important minutes of his life

Camp (of ST eGe -- Delaware, LLC) loves his grandchildren so much that he is willing to accept a $3.1 million contract. That's real love. The man has a big heart ... And, with the love of Hanks and Thompson, a big wallet.

With Jim, anything is possible!

note: the Camp-y presentation begins around 8:15. Count the use of "possibly" in his presentation.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you love the part about his father--a WWII Veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor, no less--and his death from cancer that had absolutely nothing to do with the septic tank that was the focal point of the story. The tale of cancer was included in Camp's story to give the impression that it was caused by the septic tank that his father owned.

Only a lawyer would try to leverage a contract on the back of his dead father.

Well, Mr. Camp, my father left two limbs on Hamburger Hill, Korea on Valentine's Day 1952. I watched my father waste away to nothing from to the ravages of esophogeal cancer for six months at Walter Reed before burying him at Arlington National Cemetary. His cancer was likely caused by environmental carcinogens. You know what my father would have said about Phil Kabealo's Hanks-Thompson enabled $3MM boondoggle? "Ohhhhh---BULL$**T!"

Anonymous said...

How do these two figure to get my with this? Will anyone hold them accountable?

Anonymous said...

What a dirt bag!!!

Anonymous said...

The $3.13 Million contract was not on Thursday, June 18th agenda. Thompson and Hanks wanted to push it after executive session under other business. O'Brien had not seen the contract and started reading it into the minutes, watch Thompson and Hanks get nervous. Only then did they agree to put it on Mondays agenda. Any ethical official would have all money items on the agenda. Hank and Thompson both should be removed from office.

Hanks and Thompson are incompetent;
incompetent, adjective, noun.
adj. 1. not competent; without ability, power, fitness, or other qualifications.
Ex. A poor manager is incompetent to run a business.
(SYN) incapable, unfit.
2. not legally qualified or acceptable.
Ex. incompetent evidence.
(SYN) incapable, unfit.
noun a person who is without ability; one who is incompetent.
Ex. Idiots and other incompetents need someone to look after them.