Thursday, June 04, 2009

Playing Mancala after the Knock on the Door

As a child, I was told a story in Sunday school for which I can find no corroboration. It is likely my memory which is at issue. Regardless, I will tell the story as I remember it.

The early Christians were persecuted by agents of the Roman Empire. Despite the dangers, these Christians would defy law and assemble at a home to read and minister the Word.

Whenever someone knocked on the door in an unfamiliar manner, the Christians would quickly set up Mancala --a popular game at the time -- and pretend to be engaged in friendly competition. The door would be opened with no hint to the world of the real intent of the meeting.

We know the early Church was persecuted, that is fact. The use of Mancala as the ruse is questionable -- or, at least, I can find no corroborating evidence to back up my story. Nevertheless, the story stands as good example of what life in the US may be like in the not-too-distant future.

Just a couple of days ago, I blogged this story, "Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit." The city did pull back under pressure, but it never admitted its agents were at fault.

My question: How long until Christians in this country are threatened by real laws, laws that attempt to silence God's Word? How long until Isaiah's remnant is forced to learn Mancala as cover from agents of the state? How long?

Note: We have the game at home, so we are ready.


Anonymous said...

It will be a long time. The issue in San Diego was over parking and traffic congestion. As you said, the city backed down pretty quick.

For all the hysterics about limitations on religious rights and the attacks on Christmas and such the US is and will always be a religiously tolerant country.

There is more of a historical record of persecution of non-Christians in the US than the persecution of Christians. To be more accurate, persecution of mainstream Christians since we have not been overly tolerant of non-mainstream Christians also.

Jim Fedako said...

"US is and will always be a religiously tolerant country."

Pretty strong statement. YOu are putting too much faith in our changing ideology.