Monday, June 22, 2009

Todd Hank and Tommy Thompson: Real class acts

Hanks and Thompson are so proud of the contract they approved that they wanted to just slip it past the public. You see, those two are real class acts. They do not need accolades for their hard work. Nope. They would rather just pass those $3.1 million contracts without discussion.

O'Brien, on the other hand, asks too many questions. Doesn't he realize that commissioners are not supposed to bring attention to such expenditures? Commissioners are just supposed to negotiate out of slight and then approve the contract unnoticed. It's all about friends and allies.

Hanks may think his cat and mouse act is cute during the meetings, but it is so obvious from the video that he is no Bill Clinton. Hanks is hiding something. Something big.

Thompson plays the good old boy -- the country boy politician. But old Tommy's a real snake in the county. Watch his nonsense when he replies to direct questions and you will see a true backroom deal maker.

Seems like the real excrementitous discharge occupies the two seats to O'Brien' s right.

O'Brien, Make sure you wash your hands after every meeting. You never know what you may have touched.

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