Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The NEA is real tough on its own union

Can you believe the list of draconian rules that NEA's staff union was forced to accept? Such as being fired for habitual drunkenness that affects performance. The NEA certainly runs a tight ship at its own offices. It's no wonder they do such a wonderful job at local government schools.

From the Education Intellegence Agency

4) Contract Hits. Wherein we highlight a contract provision from the current agreement between the National Education Association and its largest staff union. This is Article 17, Section 4, subsection (a):

(a) Progressive discipline shall not be required with regard to the following, which shall constitute just cause for immediate discharge:

i) habitually being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs during working hours to the extent that the employee is unable to perform adequately his/her assigned functions;

ii) theft;

iii) willful falsification of official documents;

iv) gross insubordination, except where compliance would jeopardize the employee's health or safety;

v) unprovoked assault on or threats to an NEA representative or another employee during working hours;

vi) deliberate destruction of the property of NEA or of another employee;

vii) failure to comply with the provisions of Article 27 of this Agreement;

viii) sale or distribution of a controlled substance on the premises of NEA;

ix) deliberate destruction or misappropriation of electronic data or other proprietary information belonging to NEA;

x) deliberate misrepresentation of one's position at NEA for personal benefit or for the purpose of providing false information for the benefit of another; or

xi) aggravated sexual harassment."

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Anonymous said...

I heard a lot of teachers complaining about these new rules, but I think they are appropriate.