Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stealing a library from your neighbor

My neighbor and all-around collectivist, Len Fisher, has a letter in today's edition of The Columbus Dispatch. Fisher shows himself to be nothing other than a tax thief -- not a tax cheat, but a tax thief.

Fisher shills for the county library levy (on the May ballot). In doing so, he lists the direct benefits he will receive. Sure, he will get a local branch of the county library, but he wants to force his neighbors to pay.

Nice guy.

Today, shilling for tax levies is considered the correct stance. As if putting your hand in your neighbor's wallet is now the right thing to do.

Don't buy the nonsense. Theft is theft, no matter how you package it. And that makes Fisher a thief.

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Anonymous said...

I get the impression the shills actually feel proud of themselves when they write these letters urging others to vote higher taxes on their neighbors. Like they've done something admirable.