Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marianne Mussolini ... er, Gabel

Dear Editor:

From the sounds of Marianne Gabel's latest article in the Olentangy Valley News, "Earth Day to-do list," environmental fascism cannot come soon enough. Of course, none of us will enjoy the Gabelian utopia as we are all counted among the "human numbers" she so laments.

Now, when I use the term environmental fascism, some reader are going to ask, "A little over the top, don't ya think?" Not at all. Simply read her agenda of government planning and control, including: climate control legislation; government funded and directed energy programs; community planning; and voluntary family planning -- to be followed by, I'm certain, forced family planning.

But, isn't fascism a pejorative term? Sure, it can be. But it is also a technical term, and that is how I use it.

The one difference between the environmental fascist and your run-of-the-mill type is this: While your run-of-the-mill fascist has a place for mankind (think Italy of the 1920's and '30's), the environmental fascist sees mankind as the ill that must be eradicated.

To that end, Gabel tacitly encourages the ending of lives that will jam her future world. And this is her "hope?"

I ask Gabel, which of my children, and which of your neighbors' children, have no place in your utopian environment? Which of these young souls are overpopulating your world?

Jim Fedako

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