Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Co-opted once again

Though the Columbus Tax Day Tea Party was an outgrowth of the Ron Paul liberty movement, the event was co-opted by those who seek something less than liberty.

This evening, I took my family to the Statehouse lawn to see the affair. On stage were all the usual suspects. In fact, our former congressman (Kasich) spent the evening clowning for the cameras.

The whole event reminded me of the scene from Pumping Iron where Arnold and the other politicians -- er, bodybuilders -- subtly push and shove to get center stage. Very disappointing.


Anonymous said...

There are those who serve for the right reasons, and then there are those on our School Board. I mean in our Congress. Rats! Our President. OK, I give up.

Those who served for the right reasons signed the D of I and the US Constitution. From that period forward, self interest, self promotion, ego, and reckless carelessness has faded our Stars and Stripes (Freedom and Liberty) into a light hue of pink (Obamonism).

I wish our "leaders" were like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. FOR FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

A bunch of tea huggers, eh?

Anonymous said...

That's why we didn't bother to go to the party. Lots of us are wanting this government off our back but we won't join up with the fakes and neo-cons to express it.

Anonymous said...

10:25, you forgot to mention W and the patriot act, wiretapping, and torture. And aside from torture, Obama's decisions have been disappointing in that they are only continuing W's anti-freedom policies in these areas.

Anonymous said...

12:19 A few of us understand that there is no difference between the two parties. They serve the purpose of making the masses think there is a difference when they choose sides. It's like two lawyers arguing against each other in court and then going out for lunch together, arm-in-arm. Both in the same club. That's our "two-party" system.