Friday, April 17, 2009

Is Olentangy's Julie Feasel above the law?

She must think so.

It's amazing what you can get with the right public records request. Note the email exhange between Feasel and Jennifer Smith (below). It certainly appears that Feasel is skirting Ohio's sunshine laws by conducting a serial meeting -- you know, polling votes with a nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.

Feasel is president of a board that has already been in hot water for violating sunshine laws, so she should know better. Maybe she does and doesn't care. You know, power and corruption.


1. At least one board member (Smith) follows the law, the rest just hold the public in contempt.

2. OFK, How can you still support Feasel in the face of all this? Hmmm.

To: "Julie Wagner Feasel"
From: "Jennifer Smith"
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="--=_--0291526e.0291429d.c60a67a8"


I have not returned your phone calls soliciting my opinion regarding an upcoming work session, because you made it clear in voicemails that you were - and now have- contacted every other board member and polled them as to whether or not Kathy LaSota should be hired to facilitate a future work session. It is improper to discuss board business outside of public view (properly notified public meetings). This "round robin" voting and discussion is highly improper and there is case law that substantiates that this activity is a violation of ORC 121.22. I will not be party to violating the law.


Julie Wagner Feasel writes:


I didn't get to make any board calls on Saturday because we spent the day doing graduation and prom stuff so I made my board calls tonight. What I've been asking the other board members is there thoughts on hiring Kathy Lasota for at least one more work session to help us finalize the items we didn't finish on Thursday. So please let me know your thoughts as I would like our next work session to be sooner rather than later and everyone's (sic) schedules will have to be coordinated. Also, I was talking to the other board members about their thoughts and opinions on Thursday's session so I'd like to talk to you about that as well. Finally, I never got to talk to you about your thoughts on the budget subcommittee meeting. I've spoken to Sue, Teri, Mr. Lidle and Becky on their thoughts and I'd like to talk to you as well, specifically about making the budgeting process better next year.

Let me know when a good time to call you will be. I don't have anything on Monday night so I'm open. Or I can call you during my lunch hour noon-1 on Monday.

Julie Wagner Feasel, member
Olentangy School Board
Please note that all e-mail communication to elected officials is public record and maybe viewed by anyone who requests it.


Anonymous said...


I read your blog everyday and believe Olentangy wastes a lot of money...a lot...

One thing I have a question about though....if the board has been violating laws (you have been talking about this for a year) then why has nothing ever been done about it? Seems to me that there are no laws being violated or someone would be in trouble.

Jim Fedako said...


Good question. The problem is that most laws are only enforced when someone registers an official complaint. Typically, that requires direct costs (court costs, etc) and soft costs (time off work, etc).

So, until someone actually takes the time (the same can be said of me) and files a complaint, the district can continue its practices.

That doesn't make the practices legal, though.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares!

(we'll just see about that on November 3rd)

Anonymous said...

The entire board (except Smith) believes they are above the law and the above the concern of John Q Public. They do what they want without regard for community input, legal concern, or fiscal concern. The apathy of our district allows this to occur. Hopefully Nov 3rd brings real change.