Thursday, April 16, 2009

Olentangy Taxes: Putting it all into perspective

1. The cost per credit at Olentangy high schools is just shy of $3,000. Did you catch that? $3K per credit. That means taxpayers fund classes in corn hole (yes, corn hole -- not a misprint) at $1,500 per student. Amazing.

2. When the feds calculate cost of living, they use the rental equivalent for the cost of housing. Based on that, my property tax as a percentage of the rental value of my home is %25. Did you catch that? 25%.

How do you define theft?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how happy the folks are that voted yes on our issue are now? If they're like me they didn't get a raise this year (but the teachers got theirs) while their taxes skyrocketed. Way to go Olentangy voters! Now I have to make cuts in other aspects of my life to adjust to your (the yes voters) stupidity.