Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Olentangy School District: A public records request

Sent this evening. Let's see if Wade is as "open" as he claims. The clock is now ticking.


This is a public records request. I want the
following records:

  1. Copy of the script used in the latest district phone survey.
  2. Copies of all documents (including correspondences, emails or otherwise) that pertain to the questions on this survey.
  3. Copies of all documents (including correspondences, email or otherwise) since the beginning of 2007 that pertain to Avakian Consulting.

I want these documents in electronic format.

Please note that if this request is not fulfilled per Ohio law, I intend to seek action.


Jim Fedako


Anonymous said...

watching my clock....when is Mc Becky's deadline?

Jim Fedako said...

10:28 -- She's at a conference. The clock will start on Monday.

Anonymous said...

A confernce paid for, in full, by the taxpayers of this district for "Professional Development" I'm sure.

Who can say - BOONDOGGLE!?!

Anonymous said...

Now now 12:45....how can you be so hard on our esteemed public servant...after all she has 12 people working for her and she needs to learn how to supervise them.....oh and she needs to learn how to be a treasurer, before her 12 employees figure out that she doesn't know how to be a treasurer.

That is of course if she was off learning...or was she being celebrated? Maybe we should ask her bosses (The Board)where her "request for leave" is?

Either way, her job isn't getting done! Isn't it budget time in school districts statewide?

We hear at board meeting that she doesn't have enough time to get her work done because of "frivolous" requests....maybe she can't get her work done because she just plain doesn't go to work!

Anonymous said...


I never thought about it like that.

Thanks for pointing out that there is time for conferences but no time to complete budgets in a timely manner. But when you're flush with cash, budgets are irrelevant I guess.

Anonymous said...


When's the court date....I want to be sure and put it on my appointment calendar.