Thursday, December 24, 2009

That precludes government schools

If mail delivery was an entitlement -- a fundamental right, would anyone entrust it to the US Postal Service. Yet ...

In its recent email, the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy makes this statement: This statutory panel, the Ohio School Funding Advisory Council, must begin deliberations with the understanding that the state is responsible for and must be held accountable guaranteeing the entitlement of all students to high quality educational opportunities.

If the panel was intent on fulfilling its mandate, could it recommend government schools as the solution. Hmmm.

Note: As the folks over at NEA remind us all, public education is all about the teachers (and insidious indoctrination, of course).


Anonymous said...

Ohio Teachers Chatboard at

It's funny reading these public school teachers b*tch and moan about their difficult lives...

Anonymous said...

Wow--sanity in a public school teacher.

See how long she lasts. This from the chatboard:

"Hi, I am looking for information regarding joining the union
when I become a teacher next spring.

I DO NOT want to join. Do I have to join? It is against my
principles to join a union. I am just looking into it now
so I can defend myself later."

Gee--think she'll get a few flaming responses?