Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Republicans admit to destroying the economy

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Republican senators attacking the cost of a Democratic health-care bill showed far different concerns six years ago, when they approved a major Medicare expansion that has added tens of billions of dollars to federal deficits.

The inconsistency -- or hypocrisy, as some call it -- has irked Democrats, who say that their plan will pay for itself with higher taxes and spending cuts and cite the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office for support.

By contrast, when Republicans controlled the House, Senate and White House in 2003, they overcame Democratic opposition to add a deficit-financed prescription-drug benefit to Medicare. The program will cost a half-trillion dollars over 10 years, or more by some estimates.

Six years ago, "It was standard practice not to pay for things," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

The Republican issue is not that government shouldn't run health care. No, their issue is that only Republican sycophants should benefit in the process.

Anyone who considers the Republicans as being different from the Democrats has a screw or two loose.

Note: Not only is Voinovich for government-run health care (in a manner that benefits Republican interests, of course), but he is also in favor a carbon tax, etc., as long as the policy change is not too quick and not too costly in the short-run. That's today's Republican -- a Democrat with a time-lag.

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Anonymous said...

The article missed one point: Democrats didn't support the Medicare expansion BECAUSE IT WASN'T GENEROUS ENOUGH.

That said, the GOP thought they were buying seniors' votes with the bill, and they discovered how well it worked in 2008. Shame on them.

Obamacare is exponentially higher in cost than the Medicare expansion bill. Ugh. Seriously--are these people from Mars? (I know Kilroy is). The Big Flush of 2010 can't come quick enough.