Thursday, December 17, 2009

Greenies polluting the environment

Last I heard, the feds declared carbon dioxide a health hazard -- a pollutant.

Of course, it's OK for the Greenies to run games for kids -- all for the benefit of greenie indoctrination -- that cause more carbon to be released into the environment (you know, human respiration releases carbon dioxide into the environment, and exercise speeds up respiration and increases carbon output). Shame, shame, shame.

Shouldn't the Greenies tell kids the inconvenient truth: We are all supposed to lie down in the fields and allow dust to be returned to dust so that Mother Earth can be cured of her cancerous tumors -- humans.

From Columbus World Affairs:

Council Fellows organize "Green Games"
Feburary (sic) - May 2009

Members of our youth group Council Fellows current project addresses global warming and promotes environmental sustainability at the local level. After conducting audits of the current energy use, purchasing and consumption habits at local non-profit organizations (those on the campus of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts), these high school students will consult with staffers to help them set achievable goals and change policies that lead to an overall improvement.

Students will track progress at these organizations, work on complementary activities with peers at area schools, and plan a fun field day type event that lets everyone in on the fun of going green! These "Green Games" will include challenges, relay races, exhibitions and more. Jefferson Center also plans to break ground on a community garden on the same day. (emphasis added -- Jim)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I went to the site and read through the activities of the local group of brainwashers. Oh, so busy with their sneaky little work while the rest of us doze on.

Anonymous said...

It's always helpful to know who the board members are on these things. It helps explain so much about why other strange choices are made by local business people and the media.