Monday, December 07, 2009

Bill Harris: Republican senator and nanny do-gooder

Bill Harris is working hard to establish a legacy that includes a bigger and more intrusive government. He is a true Republican at heart -- which now means he is a Democrat, through and through.

Folks, it will start with BMI (Ohio SB 210), but it will not end there. The state never aggregates statistics and leaves it at that. They will, in subsequent bills, use aggregate BMI stats to usurp what is left of your parental rights. And if you do not complain now, don't complain later.

Harris is a fool -- just like all of us who voted for him.

Note: Please don't reply with "at least he is not a Democrat." Harris couldn't be any more of a liberal -- just like all the other so-called Republicans who support this nonsense.


Are you telling me that you, as a Republican, are a cosponsor of a bill that includes BMI testing of children? Are you stating that it is the role of government to act as nanny? Is this your definition of limited government?

And the creation of the Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Council? Are you serious? You were elected to reduce government yet you advocate to make it ever more intrusive. This will be your legacy.

Shame on you. And shame on those of us who voted for you.

I have to tell you, it's positions like these that are leading this nation to believe that there just may not be a dime's worth of difference between the parties.

As long as the Republicans are going to act like Democrats, we might as well vote for the real thing.

Jim Fedako
member, central committee
County GOP


Anonymous said...

Jim, normally I cringe at your anti-republican posts but you are spot on with this. Any sponsor of a bill that seeks to regulate the caloric content of juice is worthy of the label of a big government liberal. This type of silliness is a small taste of what happens if you nationalize health care.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I stumbled over some Joe Jackson videos on YouTube over the weekend. I hadn't heard--or even THOUGHT of Joe Jackson in years. An hour and a dozen videos later I had scratched my musical retrospective jones (it was good to take a trip back to the 80's and listen to that stuff) and ventured onto Google to see if he had a website. He does!

Much to my pleasure there was none of the fashionable "causes" plastered on the website. Instead there's a "Smoking" page. Curious, I went there to an even bigger surprise: Joe Jackson the anti-government activist. Huh? See, Joe's been a smoker always. Not a heavy one, but dedicated nonetheless. Joe had begun to apply logic and good old resentment to the increasing government hostility toward smoking and smokers and has made that brand of government encroachment on individual rights his cause. You can find Joe's "Smoking, Lies and The Nanny State" here:

Anonymous said...

The juice caloric content does not bother me at all. Orange juice does not need added sugar. I don't care if a kid brings it to school, that is his and his parents choice; but the school should not promote such an unhealthy product.

If the state continues to allow a large portion of unhealthy foods and drinks, they are opening themselves to litigation.

There are other provisions in the bill that are problematic, but not this one. This complaint sounds a lot like a fluff piece with an absurd title to grab attention and allow false assumptions formation.

Anonymous said...

the issue isn't so much diet as it is exercise level. that said--and lack of exercise being the other piece of the obesity puzzle--it is just a matter of time before students are assigned individualized, assigned levels of exercise according to their individual BMI metrics.

Where does it end?

Anonymous said...

If the state continues to allow a large portion of unhealthy foods and drinks, they are opening themselves to litigation.

It is none of the states business if I choose to allow me or my child to consume "unhealthy" foods.

Nanny state, indeed. How far are you willing to go before you say enough?

Anonymous said...

7:18 PM,
If you actually read all of what I wrote, instead of just cherry picking, you would see that it has nothing to do with what you allow your child to do or not do. It has everything to do with what the state or local government makes available.

"I don't care if a kid brings it to school, that is his and his parents choice; but the school should not promote such an unhealthy product."

Anonymous said...

"If the state continues to allow a large portion of unhealthy foods and drinks, they are opening themselves to litigation."
That's an interesting idea. What of the many government school employees and also private school employees who use curriculums that normalize and promote homosexual behaviors and acceptance of those behaviors, who even assign reading that introduces children to such behaviors. When those children contract sexually transmitted diseases, some of them deadly, will the school employees be open for litigation for promoting those behaviors? I hope so.

Jim Fedako said...

6:31 -- Time to brush up on sovereign immunity.

Sue the government for the caloric content of school lunches?!? Some people.

Anonymous said...

Turn off the GD TV/video games and go outside and run around.

There....I solved the problem...without legislation.

Next issue?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52 -

Go *outside* and run around? Are you crazy?? Don't you know that there are *strangers* outside. You don't seriously expect parents to let their kids go outside without adult supervision, do you? Who knows what can happen. There could be skinned knees and bruises and besides, what is the educational value of going outside?

No. Better to let the kids stay inside with "Car Warrior from Hell 4".

I'm sure if my kids have body mass issues, I'll be getting a call from ODE's new commissioner of health. Maybe my kids reduced price lunch will automatically consist of diet food. I'm not worried. The government will take care of me. And my kids. And your kids.

Let the kids go outside - by themselves...??? What is this world coming to...

Anonymous said...

We should create a "Stupidity Index" and measure with it the board's and district's* every move, every vote, every expenditure.

*excuse my redundancy: the board and district are one-in-the-same.

Anonymous said...


I bet I know the answer, but I have to ask -

Did he write you back?

Jim Fedako said...

11:48 --