Friday, December 11, 2009


The ROC (Responsible Olentangy Citizens) has been active, though not as active as the Mole. Maybe it's inertia, but I bet the ROC will begin gaining momentum over time - as it takes advantage of all that potential energy out there.


Anonymous said...

I have serious problems with delaying maintenance on buildings. That is what gets many districts and properties in serious trouble. A little preventive maintenance now can save us from significant reconstruction later. We've spent considerable money on all these new buildings, it would be a shame to neglect them and have them fall apart prematurely.

Anonymous said...

Here's an oldie, but goodie. The OEA opposing the Ohio Core Curriculum legislation in 2006 because it was an "unfunded mandate". It's funny how the OEA doesn't oppose unfunded mandates when they result in more teacher jobs.

Among the items that the OEA found intolerable:

- Ohio Core required additional math and science curricula. The OEA didn't want any of those pesky, harder disciplines to lower already low math and science scores.

- Completion of the new curriculum would be required for graduation from all public and community schools

- Completion of the new curriculum would be required in order to be eligible for admission to Ohio's 4-year universities.