Sunday, March 08, 2009

Voting in private

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Voting in private

Jim Fedako

Today, Ohio had its first hint of spring. As I road my bike around the neighborhoods, I noticed a display of innate respect for property. Neighbors met and talked at either the property line or on the sidewalk. No one crossed property lines uninvited. I've experienced this myself, as I feel great unease crossing over to my neighbor's property without some sign of welcome.

At least publicly, Americans tend to respect the property rights of their neighbors. But the same cannot be said of the actions of the majority in private.

Since our country has adopted the voting method known as the Australian ballot (or secret ballot), many do in private that which they would never do in public -- violate the property of their neighbors.

I wonder: If all taxation was local, would the tendency to vote out of envy be tempered by a public show of hands? Could folks openly reach into their neighbor's wallet? I wonder.

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