Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life follows art

You can take in the 8th grade art over at Hyatts Middle School and then cross the street and buy the real thing over at Liberty High School. "I'll take a balloon of heroin and reenact the art I viewed in 6th grade."

Who encourages this art? And for what reason?

Then Wade and his ilk will go on and on about the Whole Child. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

It's not art. It's advertising.

Hey--maybe the kids in Jewelry III can make a syringe necklace or roach clip-bangles for Julie Feasel to wear at the next board meeting.

Then again, with drugs-glorifying books like "Whale Talk" being dispensed to Eighth Graders, are we really surprised by this?

The board should make the principal of Hyatts M.S. answer for this. Then again, the board refuses to hold accountable the sole employee who works for them-- the treasurer--so I wouldn't hold my breath.

What does it say of the people we trust with our kids, to allow this to be displayed--let alone even done?

Maximum Perversion For Every Student.

Anonymous said...

You haven't heard? "The Whole Junkie" is the new craze in education.

Maximum Depravity For Every Student.

Anonymous said...

I knew that Ol' Wade would be meeting with faculty and administrators but not modeling for student portraits!

Anonymous said...

You people are amazing. This is an anti-drug piece, look at the caption. If you haven't heard, drugs are a problem in our country and they are effecting younger and younger kids and they are effecting kids in Olentangy. It is not just a city problem.

But then I'm not surprised you would use this topic as one more way to attack the schools. Why don't you go back and bury your head again which is how you normally handle problems. Ignore reality and live in your own little world.

Anonymous said...

7:42 AM

So, extending your twisted logic to an obvious corollary, you would believe that it's appropriate for a school to post a student drawing of graphic sex in order to warn against unprotected sex...showing fully exposed, unprotected private parts front-and-center to illustrate the point like the needle going into the arm...

You don't advocate that...do you?

Look in the mirror and repeat the following. Here's your word of the day:


Anonymous said...

anon 7:42
Please check the definition of the word "effecting". I think you will find that you should have used the word "affecting". I learned the difference in the seventh grade, many years ago, when some schools still taught literacy. Still, I'm sure some students at that time missed the lesson. They later when on to become school teachers.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should stop supporting asinine "art" and pay more attention in grammar class.

Please learn the difference between "effect" and "affect".

Anonymous said...

7:42 - Then draw a picture of a sobbing mother standing over a casket with a smashed up needle in her hand. That is a clear anti-drug message.

How many different messages does a picture of a glorified tattooed rocker shooting acid convey? As I look at the picture, I can think of several different messages depending on the personality of the student. I'm astonished that this is in a middle school art showcase.

Here's some questions for you:
1)Is heroin such a problem in our MS that we need to convey it's damaging effects?
2)Is heroin so prevalent in our local community that it becomes an age appropriate topic for 11, 12, and 13 year old middle school students?
3) Would you support a similiar example where the teme/topic condems Rape? Beastiality? Gun Violance? Torture?

This art work doesn't condemn shooting heroin. At best it implies that heroin is damaging, assuming students read the caption and accurately interpret its meaning. Our children could conclude that shooting heroin is a common event in OLSD, normalizing its use. Or that to become a rock star, you need to shoot heroin, despite its damaging effects. At a minimum, the piece creates interest about IV drug use and heroin at a young age. Who knows how our kids will interpret it, and that is why it is wrong to put it on display.

Placing this in the art showcase pushes the envelope. It forces a conversation between parent and child on a sensitive topic that may or may not be appropriate. When that conversation occurs is the prerogative of the parent based on their maturity level and ability to interpret the message.

Unfortunately, for those kids who have seen this in our school, the discussion is forced to occur today. That may be viewed as a good thing by you 7:42AM, but for me, as a parent, I'm saddened that I need to have a discussion about IV Heroin use with my 6th grader.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

We had a Spanish teacher who showed--what--six, or so, R-Rated, heavily sexually-themed movies in the classroom--with English subtitles, no less (what was the point?).

Then she put her students on a month-long project called "La Migra", which was created by the racist Chicano movement La Raza and which calls for students to "become" illegal immigrants. It called for students to break the law in the classroom by making them falsify immigration documentation in the scholarly pursuit of "teaching empathy".

This teacher should have been disciplined or dismissed but the superintendent and board instead awarded her a lifetime contract--and readers of this blog are shocked to learn of the abject permissiveness of this district?? The corrupt school board leads by poor example, reinforcing the notion that there is no oversigtht or accounability.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful portraiture. First there was da Vinci and his Mona Lisa; then there was Warhol and his Marilyn. Now we have Olentangy Student and his Junkie.

I want to see a student drawing that warns boys against seeking anonymous sex with adult men in parks. Wait--wasn't there a book that was given to 12 year-old students on that? That's right: it wasn't a cautionary tale, but was featured as a positive outlet for the book's protagonist--a male teen--to indulge his budding, homosexual urges. This dangerous activity was promoted to sexually confused boys by the author--a gay activist--as a healthy and viable path to self discovery.

But, 7:42 AM is right:

"But then I'm not surprised you would use this topic as one more way to attack the schools. Why don't you go back and bury your head again which is how you normally handle problems. Ignore reality and live in your own little world."

I sure hope 7:42 is not a teacher. Then again, it's some teachers who are exposing our kids to this kind of social pathology which, in the authoritative setting of a classroom, legitimizes it to our children.

Anonymous said...

I think it is 7:42AM who has his/her head in the sand.

We'd all like to think that soft porn videos, homosexuality encouraging books, and self destructive thought envoking works of are are not thrust upon on our kids at OLSD. The fact remains that it does happen. As parents we must pull our heads from the sand to see it, stop it, and reprogram our kids as a result of it. If we don't, then our society will continue to fade into darkness.

It is the parents responsibility to trust but verify. A large majority of our teachers are great. However, we need to protect our kids from the minority that we can't fire because of the OTA/Unions.

7:42AM trusts but doesn't verify. 7:42AM is irresponsible and doesn't believe in accountability. 7:42AM is probably a BOE member, or at least a wanna be and definitely a socialist liberal left wing WACKJOB! 7:42AM is the very person/influence that I am trying to keep from my kids.

Anonymous said...

Hide your kids, I'm sure they will be safe in your protective custody. At least fool yourselves into believing that.

And yes, from what I'm hearing heroin is a problem in Olentangy like the rest of our country.

I guess somehow that is the fault of the government schools which are the root of all evil in society.

Anonymous said...

(I was being sarcastic when I said that 7:42 was right!).

Teachers are supposed to be SMEs (in the private sector that means Subject Matter Expert) on the things that we (parents) are not. That's the whole point of sending them to school.

Why is it that teachers feel it is their job to socialize our kids, and mostly in ways that parents would not, or would resent?

Anonymous said...

9:11 (timestamp is apropos because you must be a disaster as a parent):

There was once a time when our schools were an antidote to sociopathology. Now they're an accomplice to it.

Your tone is of resentment, as if you believe schools--teachers--have the responsibility or right to introduce our kids to deviances. In doing so, schools legitimize and reinforce the notion of sociopathology-as-lifestyle choice. This is wrong.

Anonymous said...

My 6th grader and I stopped by the Hyatts MS Art Cabinet. We discussed the picture in question and I was astonished at my child's knowledge and understanding of the topic and the caption.

A quote to ponder " Why would I want a tattoo Dad?" It certainly made me smile and a sense of relief came over me. I guess the OLSD isn't as Heroin laced as some of the posters on this blog think.

9:11 and 7:42 -- My child's interpretation is precisely the issue. The "needle" is a tattoo parlor needle and the "damage done" is permanent markings on the body in the form of a tatoo. That is innocence at it's finest and I'd prefer to keep it that way until she is mature enough to understand the real issue.

My child's interpretation is also why this drawing shouldn't have been placed in the art cabinet. I'll admit it is a very fine drawing and the artist has incredible talent. I just wish the subject was suitable to the audience and conveyed a positive message like the other picture in the cabinet that had a mother holding a baby with the caption "A mother's love for her child is her gift to the world."

Jim Fedako said...

1:59 --

So, you lied to your child to protect them from the influence of the schools. How long will that last?

Anonymous said...


Bad assumption. I was forced to talk to my child about it because if I didn't, some lackey 8th grader would.

I also discussed the other "drug prevention" picture that made the showcase. That picture had a skull, with a smoking cigarette in its mouth. The caption "Till death do us part!" I guess the same commitment made on your wedding day applies to smoking at OLSD too. Cigarettes must be good if someone would smoke them until they die. Or, their bad and will cause you to die sooner. Take your pick.

Go ahead 7:42 or 9:11, jump all over that one stating the message is clearly one of smoking prevention. And heroin prevention isn't a tattoo parlor.

Jim Fedako said...

6:57 --

Heh, I'm allowed a bad assumption every now and again.