Friday, March 06, 2009

The Democrats are going to complete the job

The Republican politicians only defend the Second Amendment due to pressure from the NRA. Absent that, the Republicans under Bush would have confiscated your firearms years ago.

And don't trust Tiberi to fight for your rights -- backbones do not spontaneously regenerate inside Beltway bozos.

Keep in mind that since Obama is on the the throne, it's only a matter of time before some incident leads to the end of the right to bear arms. It's coming.

From our good friends over at Freedom Watch.

The War in Mexico

Greetings Liberty Belles and Beaux!

According to a recent article on CBS News, "There's a lot to pay attention to in Mexico: 60,000 Mexican military and police are fighting against the five major drug cartels which control lucrative smuggling routes into the U.S." According to the article and numerous other television and print reports, the war between Mexican drug cartels and law enforcement is spilling into the United States. In fact, Phoenix, Arizona was recently declared the kidnapping capital of the United States, second only to Mexico City worldwide.

Attorney General Eric Holder's proposed solution to the crime problem is to prevent American citizens from lawfully purchasing semi-automatic rifles. In other words, the Attorney General is using border problems as an excuse to reinstate the Clinton gun ban.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a clip on CNN of truckloads of Mexican army troops entering one of the beleaguered border towns that are being fought over by drug gangs. The story then shifted focus to just how out-gunned the police had become because the drug gangs were obtaining large caliber automatic weapons from the US (which was the reason for sending in the military). The whole segment was a set-up for the reporter to ask the Minister of (Whatever), "Do you believe that reinstatement of the Assault Weapons ban that ended five years ago would put an end to the gangs obtaining such dangerous weapons?". To which he (obviously) said, "very much so".

See, if the government is not the administrator of all that we enjoy or benefit from, then it's wrong or a problem.

The funny thing is that, when the Brady Bill was signed into law there was a big shift in gun purchases to larger caliber weapons. Since recreational pistol shooters were the only real owner demographic affected, as owners of "assault weapons" account for a fraction of gun sales and ownership, sales of 9mm pistols plummeted while sales of .40 and .45 caliber pistols and .357 revolvers rose nearly proportionally. This because the only advantage to having a small caliber pistol was the large magazine capacity. What sense did it now make to buy a 15 round pistol that, by lay, had to be retrofitted with a 10 round magazine. Conversely, one could buy 10 round magazines for a .45

The point is that the unintended consequence of the stupid 10 round magazine limit was that gun owners went to higher caliber--more lethal--weapons.

But none of this was impacting because gun owners don't engage in criminal activity, so bodies weren't piling up in morgues around the country.

Now the media, once again, has taken cues from the Obama camp and is market testing reinstatement of the Brady Bill. Didn't the last five years of having no increase in crime in the absense of the Brady Bill put this nonsense to bed? Apparently not.

I sold my gun collection years ago. This makes me want to go out and buy a pistol, and of the largest caliber and capacity I can get.