Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Olentangy: they can't even get their stories straight

The district tells The Columbus Dispatch that it's student-teacher ratio for core classes in K-3 is 23.1 at the same time the district's own reports show the ratio to be 20.6. The difference is 32 teachers or $2.3 million. Hey, but what's a few million when its taxpayer money.


What's more amazing is that the governor is stating that an adequate education requires a student-teacher ratio of 15 for core classes in K-3. As if more unionized government workers will solve the problem. Now, what's that joke? Oh, yes, now I remember. How many unionized government teachers does it take to provide an adequate education?

note: The Olentangy administrators forgot that kindergarten is only one-half day, so each kindergartner counts as one-half student. I'm still shaking my head.


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is how a proper board functions: http://www.fox8.com/wjw-news-medina-fart,0,2761320.htmlstory

Anonymous said...

At least that 'hot air' made me laugh. All hot air on the school board ever does is make us poorer.

Anonymous said...

What does it matter? The average resident is ignorant of the most fundamental aspects of their school district. Hey madam PTO bobblehead--what is the PI of the Olentangy district? (Whuuuuh?).

The average resident moron wouldn't know any better if they read that there was a 30:1 ratio in their kids' class.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Smith brings example after example of mis-spending and how the treasurer isn't doing her job (or, rather that the treasurer doesn't know how to do her job, and doesn't care about expense management) and the public doesn't care...but the ignorant PTO bobbleheads gang up on her because she dared to criticize a district employee. I'm not kidding...these morons got their panties in a bunch because she "criticized a district employee--in public" (egads!)

These morons deserve everything they get, and more. And by this I mean substandard instruction at the hands of the OTA drones without a concerned board member pressing for higher standards, and levies on the ballot every three years until they bleed from the ears and have to move.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing the district say "financial crisis" but I have not heard anyone say "cost cutting".

Why is this?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Why? Because OLSD is flush with cash, that's why. New levy dollars are pooring into the district a year ahead of when they were needed. With all of the cash laying around, you won't hear a single district official talk about real cost cutting.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a little over a year now. Although we have many difference in our philosophy of schools and school funding, I have finally come to agree on one main point.

Olentangy is a bonfire...and in this bonfire, they use tax dollars to fuel it. It seems as though money is being wasted on the most frivolous things....red ipods? Seriously...I don't even have an ipod!

I work hard everyday..pay my taxes...for what? An ipod? Where's my ipod? What are these really being used for.

I needed a new remote for my tv the a few months ago. I have a 5-disk philips dvd player that I bought in college (about 7 years ago). My daughter demolished the remote that came with it. The only one that would work with it is a fancy logitech remote. It cost about $250.

If I were Olentangy, I would just write a check for it and not worry about it. Unfortunately, I don't have extra money laying around from a levy that was not needed. Instead, I had to save up for three months and haggle with the sales rep at the store to get a lower price. Does the district ever haggle? I doubt it. Full price for everything.

Olentangy...Our mission is to facilitate maximum taxation for every resident.

I'm so glad that I live in a school district that in this tough economy, is able to spend in a fiscally irresponsible manner. Way to go Olentangy!

I'm sorry I voted for the levy...buyer's remorse.

Anonymous said...

Madam Treasurer:

What do you do to earn that comfy salary and those ridiculously over-generous benefits?


From what I have seen in the board room these last few months you don't know how to budget; you don't manage expenses--you're not even curious about them. You don't even give the public a proper and meaningful monthly financial update.

You wouldn't last a quarter in the private sector.

Anonymous said...


Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for you concerns and questions regarding the budget, expenses and my compensation.

As I say every two weeks,when asked a difficult question that pertains to my job, I'll have to get back to you on that, if that is what the board wants.



Anonymous said...

Why would I ask a question of you, or expect the board to do anything when they do nothing, and don't care about expenses--or care that you don't seem to care about expenses.

I've seen and listened to resident after resident ask questions and the members just sit there, silent; some roll their eyes while others check email.

I ask nothing more of you other than for you to manage expenses--which should be a central part of your job and maintained as evergreen process. If you managed expenses or budgeted sensibly there wouldn't be any questions. See how that works?

The company I work for wouldn't tolerate the BS that goes on or passes for financial management in our district. I'd be out of a job. Entire teams of folks I worked with who toiled for 60 hours or more a week for much less than you make have been let go. These people produced things of value.

I can already see that the district is gearing up to whine and cry about Strickland "shortchanging" Olentangy. Without have a concrete plan in place to reduce expenses--real reductions and not the moving around of heads that were recently touted as saves--you have not earned the right to whine about funding shortfalls from the state. Let me repeat: you have not earned the right to complain about funding shortfalls when your budget is all over the place and you apparently have no regimen in place to manage and reduce the districts expenses.

Just please do your job. It's not to rubber stamp the nonsense. You're the gatekeeper to the purse and the community expects muscular management and protection of our tax dollars.

I welcome your response and your plan to manage and reduce expenses.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:01:

Thank you for your concerns. I don't have that information with me and I couldn't respond to your emails from two weeks ago because I was out enjoying a conference paid for all of you taxpayers.

Perhaps if we hire more staff to help me do my job that I am incapable of, then I would be happy to respond to your concerns....if that is what the board would like.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry about getting back to me personally...you can copy/paste the email I sent you with your response.

Thank you for confirming that you don't have a plan to reduce expenses. Seriously...have you ever pushed back or said "No" to a purchase or funding request?

How many staff do you have anyway and what do they all do, and what was the tangible benefit the taxpayers will enjoy as a result of sending you to whatever conference you attended?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:45
We're sorry you voted for more taxes too. All those who voted more taxes on their fellow men voted to help the government steal from us.

Anonymous said...

Maximum Ridiculousness For Every Taxpayer Dollar Spent:


Looks like a casting call for "Slumdog Millionaire".

Anonymous said...

More taxpayer dollars at work. How many drama courses do we have? Oh, yeah--more than Beverly Hills high, that's how many.

Let's petition to fire the drama teachers?


Anonymous said...

This is what our kids do during school time instead of learning things of value.

Maximum Entertainment For Every Student.

No wonder why we have a 20% (arguably higher) college remediation rate and students from Third World countries run scholastic circles around American students.

Anonymous said...

High School Musical? Understand that that was a part of the indoctrination. Parents loved it. Loved that their children loved it. Why have schools been having children do plays as part of education anyway? Should I have to have MY money stolen so that somebody's kid can pretend to be someone else? Why are people taxed to have theater departments and theatrical stages in government schools? All these outrages have been introduced incrementally and the people have done nothing to stop it. From reading, writing, arithmetic it has gone to games, sports, sewing, cooking, acting, jewelry making, pottery making, and worst of all SOCIAL STUDIES, which is the insidious area in which children are brainwashed to go along with all the other STATE programs.

Anonymous said...

I bet that if you asked any of those kids what "Macbeth" was they'd reply that it was a new Happy Meal.