Saturday, March 07, 2009

Article from World Magazine

We subscribe to World Magazine -- the Christian version of Time, Newsweek, etc.

Of course, every media source has its own bias, so chose the bias that fits your worldview. And since World Magazine does not publish "R" rated photos or stories, you don't have to be embarrassed leaving a copy around for kids and guests to read. The magazine contains nothing other than national and world news reported from a Christian perspective. Refreshing, indeed.

Below is an excerpt from a great article that appears in the latest edition. While I do not agree with the conclusion -- that vouchers are the solution, the article correctly identifies the source of the problem -- government schools.

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An education proposal for extraordinary times

Joel Belz

The sinister influence is the state-sponsored school system. I already argued here, quite recently, how absurd it is to fret about the possibility of nationalized banks, nationalized auto manufacturers, nationalized health care, nationalized energy producers, nationalized retirement programs, and nationalized radio networks—how absurd it is to worry about all that when we long ago nationalized the educational systems that shape the worldview of 90 percent of all Americans.

Why should anyone be even the tiniest bit surprised if people who have been taught by statist educators should end up with statist ideas and values? Why, indeed, should we expect them to have anything else? (To make matters worse, we have to admit, way too many private educators—especially on the college and graduate level—have joined the chorus of those singing the praises of statist solutions.)

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