Thursday, December 18, 2008

A time of giving

It is always a good time to give. But in these financial times, it's more so.

Individuals, churches and other organizations are taking up collections for local families in need. But I wonder: Will Olentangy levy supporters be willing to help a little more early next year when the new tax bills come due?

If a family is hurting today, they will be hurting even more when they open that dreaded letter from their mortgage company -- the letter that details their new payment.

Remember levy supporters, you voted this new tax on every resident. You got what you wanted. But how can you forget those who will lose homes, etc. due to your new tax?

And you call yourself community supporters. Huh.


Anonymous said...

Dear Board Sympathizers:

Can you define what "Pravda" is/means...without "Dimoning"...I mean "googling" the word?

I will be researching your answers to ensure you didn't "Biden" them.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

jim....posted this on wrong one...sorry...meant to post on super announcement....

Feel free to remove.

Thanks 11:23

Anonymous said...

No doubt, Jim. Our moronic voters keep voting for those big salary increases for district employees while the rest of us (and I would assume the majority of voters) get little to nothing.

Each of us will need to ask ourselves what we'll cut from our budgets to pay our higher property taxes. Charitable giving will suffer I'm sure.