Friday, December 19, 2008

The end is near

And we let Liberty die without even a whimper.

December 17, 2008

Military Dictatorship Update
Posted by Lew Rockwell at December 17, 2008 03:20 PM

The federal marines will be aiding that other occupation force, the California highway patrol, in running totalitarian "drunk-driving" blockades. The marines are there just as observers, you understand, or perhaps to machinegun your car if you disobey, as in Iraq. (Thanks to Spencer Hahn)
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Anonymous said...

Posse Comitatus, anyone?
Even though PC is solely statutory and not constitutional (leaving it particularly vulnerable to politicization), there is something to be said about its erosion over the years. The militarys tasking in this instance crosses the line from "passive" to "active" and really does violate the spirit--if not the letter--of the statute.

Utilize the military in civil, non law enforcement applications, like augmenting firefighters during wild fires, or building dams in flood zones? Yes. Manning DUI checkpoints? Absolutely not.

Anonymous said...

If this makes you shake in your boots, buy better boots. Give me a break!

Jim Fedako said...

2:09 --

I assume you are shining your jackboots and dreaming of a future police state.

Funny, folks like you say that such an event cannot happen. Remember the words of caution regarding knowledge of the past.

Anonymous said...

You saw this, of course, from LRC:

Re: The Militarization of Highways
Posted by Butler Shaffer at December 18, 2008 09:44 AM

Lew: Of course, the real purpose in having the Marines patrolling the highways is to test public resistance - or lack thereof - to having such a more generalized presence. If Boobus raises no objections ("these are the young men who have fought for our freedom!") the troops will then start appearing at shopping malls, government schools and, eventually, neighborhood garage sales. When we were visiting Guatemala a number of years ago, there were machine-gun-armed government soldiers guarding our motel, the post office, etc., etc. As with the TSA jack-boots, the purpose of a military deployment throughout society will be to remind us of the disparity of power the state holds over us; to reinforce the mindset that it can mess with us - and even destroy us - anytime it chooses to do so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:09--

When have the US Marines ever been called out to support such a silly and inappropriate mission (and it is a "mission")? Not only is it an absurd application of highly trained people whose sole purpose of employment is to kill the enemy and seize territory, but it's disturbing to see that elected public officials could believe it is acceptable to apply such a force in this manner.

I remember the Haiti invasion well, and how a Green Beret became the sole fatality during that occupation. He was manning a toll booth and a Haitian became so incensed that he had to pay the toll that he shot and killed the soldier.

I said to myself, "What the heck was a Green Beret--the most highly skilled among our armed forces--doing manning a toll booth. But, the Green Berets routinely engage in Civil Internal Defense (CID), which, among other tasks, entails building schools, water wells, clinics, etc. which is central to "winning hearts and minds". So, the Green Beret manning a toll booth could actually be considered within the scope of his mission of CID.

But to use a rifle platoon of Marines to man DUI checkpoints? Absurd. I'm sure the jarheads working this mission are scratching their heads thinking, "I signed up to defend the country--not bust drunks".

Anonymous said...

DUI checkpoints are a violation of liberty with or without armed marines. There is no probable cause and a presumption of guilt. One must prove his/her innocence simply as a result of a legal activity, that is, driving.

Sure, they may have saved a few lives. But so would a 25 mph speed limit on interstate highways.

Marc said...


I haven't seen a credible report of this incredible story. There are numerous blog entries to be sure, but nothing from the mainstream media. Are we sure that it happened?

Jim Fedako said...


Hmmm ... maybe I was burned. But it does match the assignment of a military unit to the US for the first time in over 100 years -- that story is credible.

Jim Fedako said...

Marc --

It's real here