Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The hypocrisy over at Save the Hilliard Schools

I have noted that Paul over at savethehilliardschools actively supported his district's levy -- it was all for the kids, you know. But now he has the nerve to makes this statement about taxation: "There are just so many ways for the government to pick our pockets..."

Funny, when he cast his ballot to add to the yoke of his neighbor, taxation was all about the kids. Now that he sees a tax he doesn't support on the horizon, taxation is an unbearable yoke around his neck.

So, it's OK to pick your neighbor's pocket but it's an offense for your neighbor picks yours.

Paul, Your hypocrisy is showing!

note: Hilliard folks, your double tax whammy is coming next year (the new tax plus your escrow catch up).

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Anonymous said...

God help Hilliard if Lambert gets elected.

He's McFerson, Jr. A sophist and scheister who will articulate the indefensible into something acceptable to the masses. He's someone who will paint "waste" as "investment" and get away with it because, after all, "I've been around Fortune 500 CEOs". So what? So have I--and probably more of them than he ever did--and that actually made me more skeptical of people with that background.

I hope the good people of Hilliard don't buy Paul's garbage as accrued knowledge-and-experience-as-wisdom and defer to him the discretion to decide important matters for them, when he does not have their best interests at heart.

Paul--you're part of the problem. Do everyone in your district a favor and disappear.