Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, how much is the "whole child" nonsense going to cost me?

Funny, they never mention his salary (neither does the Dispatch for that matter). Could it be that Lucas is joining the "Olentangy family" for free? Nah.

Galloway and McFerson are once again spinning webs of deceit. They most certainly negotiated a salary before Lucas was approved -- or Lucas is the dolt of the century.

Regardless, the Lucas "whole child" nonsense is going to cost me a lot. And, to think, we could have kept Hooie in the position for a lot less.

Really, if I am going to have to pay for this stuff, let it be a cheap as possible.

From Olentangy's PR department (aka Pravda)


In a unanimous vote, the Olentangy Board of Education announced this evening during the public session of a special meeting that they intend to hire Wade Lucas, Ed.D. as the Superintendent of Olentangy Local Schools.“

Wade is a dynamic individual with strong community engagement and educational leadership skills,” said Scott Galloway, Olentangy Board of Education president. “Throughout his career, he has created exciting learning environments that motivate students and raise expectations. He is an excellent choice to continue the great work that has already been started at Olentangy to facilitate maximum learning for every student.”

Since April 2007, Lucas has served as the Superintendent of Green Local Schools in Green, Ohio. He also served as the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director and Superintendent at Coshocton City Schools from August 1997 to April 2007. Prior to his administrative experience, he was an elementary school teacher in Coshocton and Mt. Vernon City Schools from 1989 to 1998. Lucas holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio; a master’s degree in education from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio; and an educational doctorate in educational administration from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.

Green Local Schools received an “Excellent with Distinction” rating on their August 2008 state report card meeting 30 of the 30 indicators. The district also met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), had above expected growth on the value-added component and earned a Performance Index score of 104.1. With an average daily enrollment of 4,096 students, Green Local Schools is located in Summit County in Northeast Ohio.“

I am thrilled to be joining the Olentangy family,” said Lucas. “This is already a fantastic district with high expectations for student achievement, community engagement and fiscal responsibility. I look forward to joining this great community and working with parents, staff members and students to help take Olentangy Local Schools to the next level of excellence.”

The board will host a community reception so Olentangy residents may meet Lucas in person. Details related to Lucas’ employment such as his contract and start date are still being discussed and will be announced in the future. The board’s next scheduled meeting is their Organizational Meeting followed by a regular meeting on January 13, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in the district’s Administrative Offices, 814 Shanahan Road in Lewis Center.

Lucas and his wife Teresa have been married for 29 years; have four children (Nicole, Jenna, Zachary and William) and three grandchildren (Luke, Max and Gracie).


Anonymous said...

Dear Board Sympathizers:

Can you define what "Pravda" is/means...without "Dimoning"...I mean "googling" the word?

I will be researching your answers to ensure you didn't "Biden" them.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Olentangy takes top 50 teacher salaries

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mark A. Claffey
Staff Writer

For the second time in three years, Olentangy Local School teachers occupy the 50 highest educator salaries in Delaware County, but the pay gap between Olentangy and the other county school districts is narrowing.

All 50 teachers to make the list from Olentangy are paid more than $80,000 annually with salaries ranging between $88,397.15 to $80,174.95. The Olentangy Teachers Association negotiated a 2.8 percent raise earlier this year.

District-wide, Olentangy salaries range from as low as $20,000 to as high as $88,397. No teacher in the district makes as much as an administrator, principal or assistant principal.

All salaries are as of the 2007-08 school year and based on wage charts provided to the Gazette by each individual school district in Delaware County.

The highest paid teachers at each of the district’s building are:

• Wyandot Run ($88,397.15) Della Ash, a retired third-grade teacher who was hired in 1988.

• Alum Creek ($88,397.15) Susan Benedum, second-grade teacher hired in 1989; Jayne Ensminger, third grade teacher hired in 1984; Melissa Jackson, guidance counselor hired in 1994; Elizabeth Moore, physical education teacher hired in 1974; and Nancy Patterson, third-grade teacher hired in 1987.

• Scioto Ridge ($85,804.25) Douglas Cook

• Arrowhead ($88,397.15) Joann Lane, intermediate literacy support hired in 1986 and Carol Strip Whitney, gifted teacher hired in 1995.

• Oak Creek ($88,397.17) Margaret Mathias, reading intervention teacher hired in 2000 and Carolyn Nelson,a physical education teacher hired 1988.

• Tyler Run ($76,746,19) Tracie Rice

• Walnut Creek ($84,866) Lori Hoffman

• Indian Springs ($84,866) Susan Harnden

• Glen Oak ($80,175) Andrew Knight

• Olentangy Meadows ($84,866) Barbara Keyes

• Liberty Tree ($74,221.53) Leslie Miller

• Johnnycakes ($88,397) Sharon Larson, a fifth-grade teacher hired in 1979.

• Olentangy Shanahan ($88,397.15) David Kellett, a physical educaton teacher hired in 1990 and Vicki Ann Malley, eighth-grade teacher hired in 1990.

• Olentangy Liberty ($82,836.08) Carolyn Vagnier

• Olentangy Orange Middle School ($88,397.15) Janes Edwards, school nurse hired in 1990; Diana Byrum, guidance counselor hired in 1990; Michael Beck, eighth-grade teacher hired in 1983;Patricia Hunter, seventh-grade teacher hired in 1995; Samuel Lehman, physical education teacher hired in 1978; Pamela Morrison, physical education hired in 1990; Donna Royalty, French teacher hired in 1990.

• Olentangy Hyatts ($88,397.15) Bruce Fritch, guidance counselor hired in 1992.

• Olentangy High School ($88,397.15) Cheryl Bayless, art teacher hired in 1999; James Haskins, physical educaton teacher hired in 1997; Stephen Krammes, German/Spanish teacher hired in 1996.

• Olentangy Liberty High School ($88,397.15) , Diane Best, guidance counselor hired in 1992 and Deryl Rohda, physical education teacher hired in 1978.

Teacher salaries for the district’s newest school, Olentangy Orange High School were unavailable because the information was being finalized when the list was requested by the Gazette.

OOHS principal Todd Meyer currently makes $106,851 and the school’s athletic director Tony Milano makes $75,000 a year.

While the increase in top salaries at Olentangy has risen approximately $7, 000 to $8,000 in the last three since 2005, salaries in other county districts have risen more.

The salary of the top earning teacher in Delaware city schools has risen $10,000 in the last three years, with top salaries in Big Walnut and Buckeye Valley both rising by more than $10,000 since the Gazette first examined the salary series. The top earning educator salary at the Delaware Area Career Center has risen more than $15,000 in three year and more than $10,000 at the Delaware-Union Educational Service Center.

Outside of the Olentangy school district, the next highest teacher salary belongs to James Kline, of Delaware City Schools. Kline makes $79,543.20 a year. He is a psychologist who has worked for the district for 22 years and previously worked nine years in another district.

The second highest salary in the Delaware City school district is $74,334.44 and is made by 16 different teachers.

The third highest teacher salary in the Delaware City School district is $73,441.92 a year, followed by $72,725.19 and $72,541.17.

The highest paid salaries in the remaining two county school districts are :

• Buckeye Valley - $76,960, which is received by teachers Diana Olney, Diana Welker, Joan Patterson, Jenny Morris, Christopher Dille, Nola Jane Burkett, Frank Book and Elise Jo Biercy.

• Big Walnut - $75,714, received by Patricia Williamson, Margaret McNaughton, Karen Hull, and Susan Haden.

In Buckeye Valley, the top five salaries following the $76,960 slot were: $71,159; $69,460; $69.085; and $67,467.

At Big Walnut, the top five salaries following the $75,714 slot were $74,430; $72,987; $71,864 and $71,382.

The highest paid teacher’s salary at the Delaware Area Career Center went to Susan Birie who makes $78,013.13. The top five salaries at the DACC in descending order are $72,452; $70,791; $67,467; and $66,636.

At the Delaware-Union Educational Service Center, which is set to merge with the Franklin County Educational Service Center in 2009, the top teacher’s salary is $65,011 paid to Kimberly Walters a speech therapist.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess $155K plus a boat load of other incentives that spike the total cost of the contract to over $200K per year, plus a gauranteed 3% increase year of year on base salary.

It's worth it, trust them.

Anonymous said...

yes, but what's the total compensation of these people? factor in seniority-based giveaways such as school level "department chair" and other stipends and you can easily add on another $8,000 to their base.

What is the incremental value product of a teacher after five years on the job? Nada. In the teaching profession there's an inverse relationship between years on the job and the amount of value they provide. I'll take a young, energetic, enthusiastic teacher with 5 or fewer years on the job over a "master educator" anyday. All of my kids teachers with 15 or more years on the job seemed annoyed and disengaged. Enthusiasm is contagious and my kids have always done much better in the classroom with younger, less experienced teachers.