Monday, September 17, 2007

Here's an idea for the eco-socialists and the bobbleheads

Japanese businesses are raising office temperatures to 82 degrees; all in response to the Japanese government's call to address global warming. I give us 6 months before the eco-socialists propose the same, with the bobbleheads saying, "Hey, that sounds like a great idea!" To be followed by legislation and enforcement.
-- Jim

From, sign-up for their daily NewsBrief:

Japanese workers endure heat to fight global warming
Jim Brown
September 15, 2007

Japanese workers are now sweating in hot offices as a result of the country's campaign to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Japan's three largest banks recently ordered their 1,600-plus branches to raise their office temperatures to 82 degrees Fahrenheit in an effort to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and energy costs. Many businesses and government offices in Japan are also dropping requirements for employees to wear formal attire to work. columnist Steve Milloy, also the editor of, says the Europeans and the Japanese have their own geopolitical interest for pushing global warming.

"What they want to do is make U.S. business less competitive because they want us to switch [from] using coal, [which] provides half of our electricity, and switch into more expensive forms of power generation like natural gas," says Milloy. "And of course, that will raise the cost of manufacturing, thus making us less competitive. So this is kind of like a national crusade for the Europeans and the Japanese." He then adds, jokingly, "It's unfortunate that they're making their people sweat about it."

Milloy says the green movement and the Japanese have different motivations for pushing global warming.

"The greens have a ... hardcore left-wing, socialist political agenda that they're trying to advance through global warming, and it's not about the environment. The environment is like this green camouflage that they paint their political agenda with," explains Milloy. "The Europeans and Japanese have an economic reason for pushing global warming, and so the two were cooperating and working together against the rest of us here in America."

Milloy says enacting a cap on carbon emissions would be foolish for Japan or any other country because there is no scientific evidence that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming. The Wall Street Journal notes a physiology professor at a university in western Japan as saying 82 degrees Fahrenheit can be comfortable only if you are "thin, naked and stay still."

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Anonymous said...

Well when Japan's position in the global marketplace drops because all their workers are asleep and can't be awakened, then we'll see what happens!