Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gee, maybe parents are right

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Gee, maybe parents are right

by Jim Fedako

Because you can never have too many mathematicians, engineers, and rocket scientists ... [1]

The eSchool News online headline reads, "Report reveals a disconnect between what policy makers believe is important for students--and what parents and kids think they need for themselves." Shocking? No.

Parents working in the private sector understand which skills are important, and they have a better understanding than any government official of their children's abilities and goals.

Parents do not need nanny officials to nudge them in the right direction. But, as always, the nannies believe that they know more than parents. And, if parents do not adopt the party agenda, there is always the hammer called legislation.

Hey, politicians, state officials, and school administrators, ignore this report from Public Agenda and let parents do what's best for their children.

Don't all these folks ever grow tired from running the lives of the rest of us?


1. Well, of course the Soviets did.

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