Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting the facts straight

Question: Do Olentangy residents receive a premium on the value of their homes due to the school district?

That's what the board, administration, and supporters claim. But, is it true?

Two ways to find the answer:

1. Run a statistical analysis on home values in Scioto Reserve. I pick Scioto Reserve since it spans two school districts: Olentangy and Buckeye Valley. The results: No statistical difference exists that can be explained by the district.

2. Call MI Homes and ask if there is a difference in their sale price in the Cheshire Woods development based on the district -- Olentangy or Big Walnut -- where the lot and/or home is located. The answer: No.

There you have it: Two ways to answer the original question, and the same answer each time.

I wonder: Will the district and its supporters continue stating that which is not true? You can bet they will!

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