Saturday, September 29, 2007

Of course they do ...

Of course they live to run your life. -- Jim

They Live To Run (Your Life)
by Rick Fisk


It is striking when watching the media-anointed choices for President, how much emphasis is put on their ability and desire to run things. Speaking to a crowd of 200 in San Diego, Rudy Giuliani said, "The leading Democratic candidates have never run a city, they've never run a state, I don't think they've ever run a business of any size." Rudy is running to run. I doubt that he'll get very tired in spite of this. He has a real passion for running people's lives. Just ask New York fire fighters.

There's a lot of running in politics. The candidates run for office (hurry!) and there's a running theme in the media: "Who is most qualified to run your life?" (Vote here!)

Doesn't it seem strange that a guy who made millions with his post-911 security company, would want to temporarily leave his company to be President? I mean really, if you had a successful business, why take a job that pays about 10% of what you could make in the private sector? For most politicians, I think it's the running. When you run people's lives, there are just never enough lives to run. When you've run the lives of seven million, stepping down to a cadre of three figures is a real let down.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that this article is way below the usual high standards of this blog.

Then again, there aren't very many articles on Ron Paul so the pickins must be slim.

Ron Paul is a novelty act, and the GOPs Dennis Kucinich. Dr. No's career position on taxes and spending is the object definition of integrity--and a model that his colleagues in the GOP should aspire to; but his positions on global affairs and national security are so thoroughly discredited that he appears insane uttering such silly musings. Ron Paul opens his mouth and it sounds like he's channeling the feel-good mumbo jumbo from Hoover's "Peace Programme" at the outset of WWI (or, for that matter the other isolationist junk that Harding and Coolidge espoused before him).

WWI showed them wrong, just as WWII showed them wrong. The detente-loving isolationists ("peaceniks") showed what non-intervention did in Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, etc. Then came Reagan who reminded us all just how ridiculous that mindset was.
And now the isolationists will try to make us believe that playing nice with the Chritian loathing, West-hating psychopaths in the Middle East will charm them into liking us.

According to Paul's (and the Paulians') twisted logic, if we stop putting out fires then fires will never happen.

History shows us just how ridiculous Ron Paul's positions are.

Go McCain.

Jim Fedako said...

Reply in the next post.