Friday, September 28, 2007

Cato Institute and Government Planning

Here's a great new book from Cato Institute. -- Jim

Dear Friends:

30 years of research I have been conducting throughout the United States culminated last week with the Cato Institute’s release of my new book, The Best-Laid Plans: How Government Planning Harms Your Quality of Life, Your Pocketbook, and Your Future.

I am extremely proud of this book. It deals with some of the most frustrating and infuriating issues that impact our lives every day: housing costs, traffic, crime, how forests are maintained, how the communities in which we live will grow, how new developments around us are created, urban renewal, and much more.

The title of my book doesn’t pull any punches, nor should it. Government planners still control much of our infrastructure and land, and they believe they know how far you should live from your job, how big your backyard should be, and how cities and forests should grow. They say that if you want to live in pleasant communities, enjoy beautiful wilderness, and get to work on time, they should be in charge. Well – the facts prove them wrong.

In spite of government planning, traffic congestion, unaffordable housing, diminished environmental quality, and spiraling government costs have gotten worse. As you’ll read in the book, they frequently result from short-sighted plans going wrong, with warning signals ignored or dismissed by government planners along the way.

What’s the answer? I cover that extensively, with solutions that include incentives, government limits, the power of the marketplace, and reforms that can help solve social and environmental problems without heavy-handed government regulation.

I do hope you’ll consider reading The Best-Laid Plans. The Cato Institute has set up a page on its
website and it can also be found in bookstores nationwide or ordered by calling 800.767.1241.

My best wishes and thanks,

Randal O’Toole

P.S. As a special offer for you, the Cato Institute will give you 30% off the cover price through their
website. Just enter the code “Planning” when prompted during the check-out process.

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