Friday, March 12, 2010

Open Letter to Bill Harris and John Husted

Bill Harris is the president of the Ohio Senate. John Husted is a new state senator who was the previous Speaker of the House. -- Jim


Since you believe the state has the right to perform Body Mass Index calculations on students and then badger their parents (S. B. No. 210), I figure you would gladly share your BMI with your constituents.

Please reply with your BMI so that I may see if you are fit enough to continue as the senate's chief nanny do-gooder (you do appear a little pudgy in your photo).

Keep in mind that the only waist you should be poking is your own.


Note: John, send your BMI also. It appears that your need for power is expanding with your beltline. By the way, how do you differ from the Progressives on the Left? Remind me.

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Anonymous said...

Great letter Jim!