Saturday, March 20, 2010

The healthcare junta hits Cleveland

David Zanotti of American Policy Roundtable asks, "What were you doing when America died?" That's a soul-searching question, if ever there was one.

Zanotti is referring to the day that Obama came to speak in Cleveland. In a scene reminiscent of elections in Jamaica (where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the early 90's), the president and his armed guard and gangs of union thugs hit the town for a scripted event.

To think there was a time when anyone could knock on the door of the White House and expect to receive a welcoming response. Of course, that was early in our Republic, before we became an empire -- an empire that is now following Rome's road to ruin.

Read Zanotti's article (below) and join him in Polaris this Tuesday (RSVP with American Policy Roundtable beforehand).

What were you doing when America died?

"As a man lives, so shall he die. As a nation falls so shall it lie…"

The motorcade sped by, a symbol of the nation at war. Instead of a single limousine with a smiling politician waving from inside, there were three identical cars. Three “Presidential Cadillacs” speeding across town surrounded by a convoy of armor. Black trucks with open windows revealed gunmen in body armor pointing weapons at the crowd. Police cars were everywhere, ambulances and emergency vehicles following close behind. Along the streets a thousand protesters shouted out as the military convoy sped by. Everywhere police were pressing the crowds into a single strip of pavement. Government cameras filmed the protestors. Union thugs walked the crowd looking to intimidate, provoke and attack.

It wasn’t a third world dictatorship. It wasn’t North Korea or Iran. This motorcade carried a man who was to make a speech in Strongsville, Ohio in the United States of America on March 15th, 2010. A man who is the President of a nation that was once free.
The speech he made that day was a symbol. He stood before an artificial crowd, bussed in to play the role of “citizens.” In reality they were political partisans summoned to support their leader. The crowd was not many more than those protesting outside in the freezing rain, far fewer than the thousands of cars that passed that line of flag waving protesters and shouted their support.
Inside the security sanctum the President pumped up the crowd. He told them a terrible story of a woman nearby who was beaten and left for dead by the horrible insurance industry and the careless doctors and hospitals of America. He spoke in a thundering voice and hushed tones working the crowd like a televangelist or talk show host. He was there because the sick woman could no longer stand to defend herself and so he summoned the partisans to attack the evil empire of America’s health care providers, insurance companies and all those foolish people standing outside in the rain. As he spoke of the need for courage to win this final battle, back in Washington D.C., his allies in the Congress began marking up another 2,500 page health care takeover bill. Their goal was to pass the bill into law in 100 hours and steamroll anyone who dared stand in their way.
Of course no one had time to read the bill. There would be no hearings, no citizen input, no chance for the evil insurance companies or doctors or hospitals to defend themselves. The President’s Crusade would suffer no resistance from those too foolish to understand. Poor women were suffering and dying and he and the Congress would now end this tragedy once and for all.
And so in a matter of days, they finished their task and broke the spine of a once honest Republic anchored in the rule of law. They trashed the Constitution and burned down the legislative barriers of common sense and protocol. They not only passed a massive restructuring of the American economy, but they did so with a bill that was never read, fully debated, or even honestly scored for economic impact. None of those things mattered. A poor woman was dying and the President had to save her and the millions like her who were suffering.
By the time the sun would set that fatal day, the truth about that poor woman would actually leak out from Northeast Ohio. She was diagnosed with cancer and cured over ten years ago. She was self-employed by choice and paying about $6000 per year for insurance premiums. When her premium costs went up over several years she chose to stop paying her premiums altogether and lost her coverage. Recently her cancer returned, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where she was NOT denied care. She was in the good hands of the Cleveland Clinic who assured the world they would never force her into bankruptcy or put a lien on her home. In fact, the Clinic was trying to get her into a federal medicare program and qualify her to get full support from their medical charity network as well.
No matter. The President was speeding by the protesters and the facts as well. No matter. The Democrat drones in Congress all had their talking points and votes in order. No matter about the Constitution, the rule of law, the rights of the minority, or the proper role of a limited government. No matter for the truth. The Administration had their story and they were sticking with it. The puppet Congress was doomed to follow or forfeit their career positions.
And the media, America’s “fourth estate,” followed the regime. They ignored the moms and dads and kids and veterans and grandparents standing in the freezing rain, waving their patriotic flags and begging the President and his Congressional clones to come back to the truth. They stood there on their ribbon of sidewalk, the last island of their liberty, surrounded by police. If they stepped on the grass they would be arrested. If they stepped off the curb they could get shot.
Where were you that day? That day the U.S. Congress decided to abdicate its legal authority and its conscience to a regime hell-bent to break the back of the Constitution and make an example of the once proud health care industry? Did you come to the aid of your doctor? Did you stop and pray for those evil insurance companies who were about to be impaled and dismembered by the partisans on Capitol Hill? Or did you just wait for the armored motorcade to pass by and go about your everyday life? Where were you that day? Did you even bother to watch the news?
The saddest part of this tale is that it didn’t have to be this way. The vast majority of Americans do not want a federal takeover of their health care. Sadly, that’s all they offer in this conflict- just an opinion. For the most part, Americans are just too busy doing something else to care about the fact their once great nation is dying. They are so busy doing other things they just don’t realize their liberties are evaporating. Today it is the evil doctors, insurance companies and hospitals. Tomorrow it will be the protestors. And the next day it will be all the people who were just too busy to care.
How did this happen? There are causes that go back hundreds of years to be sure. In the end, however, the people in that motorcade on March 15th represent a tiny fraction of Americans who decided a few years ago that they could dominate the American political process. They realized the rest of us had grown so comfortable and ignorant that the radical left could take over the Congress and the Courts and the White House in one generation. By the time we woke up, they would snap the Constitution to pieces and shut the books on any opposition. They layed down their lives and their incomes for their cause and they took over the nation while the vast majority of the Americans chased other things more important than good government and liberty.
Can we talk? Can I tell you the stories of the man who was too busy this year to make a contribution to the Roundtable because he was on his way to the Superbowl? How about the church whose members wanted to do a class on the American Mission® but their pastors just couldn’t find a way to fit the Roundtable project into their class schedule? How about the radio station managers who refuse to carry The Public Square® broadcast because they are afraid of potential controversy? Dare we discuss how many people have chosen to cut back their giving because “times are tough,” but still travel the world in style?
Please understand, we are not anti-prosperity or profits or lifestyle. But somewhere, somebody has to hit the wake-up button on reality. This nation is dying. Our Congress is beating the Constitution to death in the full light of day while “conservative” and “Christian” Americans are simply looking the other way as if there are no real consequences to our civil government being destroyed.
When are we going to wake up? It is NOT ENOUGH to simply TALK about the problem or listen to those who do. When was the last time you actually did something that was a sacrifice for your nation? When was the last time you spent an hour praying for America? When was the last time you gave up something you didn’t really need to invest in for the gift of Liberty? If you were one standing in the freezing rain on March 15th, we thank you. If you have given all you can, this letter should encourage you in that we are urging others to follow your lead. But if you are like most of us – we have a debt to pay.
Here is the great irony. People have no idea HOW LITTLE it actually takes to turn a nation around. We have a terrific plan now in place, called We are beginning to launch this project across America this month. can help train and galvanize MILLIONS of Americans who care in this critical election year. is a communications project utilizing radio, TV, Internet, print and major events to help Americans who care, get off the couch and into this battle., fully funded in key battle ground states, will make a terrific difference and help raise up new leaders in 2010.
The entire project for 2010, reaching all our battleground states, carries a price tag of only 2.4 million dollars. That’s it. If every person receiving this letter today wrote a sacrificial check – we would have that money raised in a single month. Will you?
You will find the first piece of the strategy waiting for you online at When you log onto our home page you will find the new book, Free Agents, right there for you to read online, free of charge. If everyone reading this letter today just ordered and shared 10 COPIES of this book, we would raise $250,000 for TODAY!
Will you join us in spending one hour this week praying for America? We dare you to try. And when you done praying, do the right thing. There is still time – but precious little time is left. The clock is ticking, and the armored motorcade is heading to a town near you. WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY.

For the Light of Liberty we remain,

David Zanotti
President & CEO
The American Policy Roundtable


Anonymous said...

I don't think there's much point in my praying for my doctor. She already told me she is for Socialized Medicine. Her husband, the lawyer and college of law prof. is also a Socialist, as are his parents, both college professors in Utah (and MoveOn leaders). But my spouse's doctor plans to go private and accept patients on a cash-only basis so I guess I might have somewhere to go.

Anonymous said...

This was probably the most well written post in the history of your blog. This is a sad day for a once great country.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, these people who want these free government programs will run out of other people's money (Margaret Thatcher), therefore, that doctor and lawyer may be socialists NOW. Soon, they will see the injustice in giving all their money away WITHOUT RECEIVING ANYTHING IN RETURN as they break their backs to keep up with the ever-rising taxes and red tape. SOON, EVEN THEY WILL TURN AGAINST SOCIALISM. There WILL be another civil war in this country BEFORE YEAR'S END. Americans will be killing one another. Those 42% who claim they want this healthcare, do so because they are ALREADY RECEIVING GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER AND THEY DO NOT WANT IT TO STOP! Personally, why should I go on working???? TO GIVE IT AWAY? I plan on quitting my job of $162k when all this comes due, and then I can be another freeloader to get every bit of assistance I can get. I will use that down time to polish my guns and stock up on ammo and if a civil war is what they want, then that is what they will get. SEE, it is a known fact that man will NOT work if they don't have an incentive. Obama just removed the incentive to work. The man WORKS FOR SATAN. You just don't see it yet. YOU WILL soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Why work?

My wife made an interesting statement: her income pays for our household groceries and small, ad hoc expenses. She could get the exact cash equivalent if she was on food stamps--and have the kids' health care covered, to boot. She would also qualify for additional benefits, raising her equivalent income to above what she makes working.

We are in a deep, prolonged, structural economic decline and the public really has no idea what is going on. There seems to be a generally held idea among Americans that "the economy isn't going to rebound anytime soon". This is a serious and dangerous misunderstanding of the our national position.

And what is happening--no--what is being perpetrated by this administration is purposeful. How else can you have PhD. after PhD. from Harvard, MIT, the London School, and other top institutions actually believe that what they are doing is in the best interest of repairing and building a vibrant market-based economy?

It's Rome, right before the fall. The parallels are glaring.

Anonymous said...

The author bemoans the fact that the President travels in a heavily armed and protected motorcaded. The second response illustrates why. This is not new for this President but has been the case since President Kennedy.

Kennedy, Carter and Reagan were all victims of those that chose to solve their problems or disagreements with guns.

I think you need to look in the mirror before complaining too much.

Jim Fedako said...

8:55 --

No, the author bemoans the armed thugs running the show and the scripted event.

Waving guns and showing muscle is the image of the Third World (Jamaica, for instance). It is also the image of a dying system.