Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is everything a matter of public safety?

Orange Township taxpayers is getting hit with the bill to remodel the kitchen at the fire station on S. Old State. And it is considered a matter of public safety. Maybe they should upgrade to flatscreens as a matter of public health. -- Jim

From the township trustees' agenda for Monday March 15, 2010

Regular Meeting (excerpt)

8) Public Safety Report
d) P.O’s:

5) Republic Builders LLC. $10,993.00: Kitchen Remodel at Station 362


Anonymous said...

The parking lot that I use downtown abuts fire station house #3 (chestnut and fourth streets).

When I was getting into my car to go home for the day (last Friday) a half dozen firemen were outside grilling huge slabs of ribs, having a good 'ol time. Not one of them didn't have a pot belly. I wondered to myself, "how can any one of these guys sprint up a flight of stairs in 50 lbs of gear?".

To think that they, too--until recently--had 100% of their retirement "picked up" by taxpayers. Well, at least they risk their lives in the course of their workday to have earned it, whereas the most risk our district administrators are exposed to is paper cuts.

Anonymous said...

It is the department it falls under. You really are good at making something out of nothing.

So the firemen should not have facilities while they are on duty but I suspect you expect them at your house at 3AM when you need them.

Or do you believe, like schools, that we should all take care of public safety on our own.

Anonymous said...


What are you trying to say? You're all over the place. What is your point?

What is "it is the department it falls under"? What does that mean?

Who said firemen should not have facilities?

What does "or do you believe, like schools, that we should all take care of public safety on our own"? Do public schools think this...I didn't know that public schools were cognitive entities that had thoughts.

You should be more clear in your posts.

Anonymous said...

Not that I speak for Jim....but isn't he saying "Why is this necessary? What is wrong with the current kitchen?"

10K is a major investment in a facility that got new tile and other improvements just a couple of years ago....remember that scandal????

Blind trust of public officials breeds corruption and waste....ask questions about where your tax money goes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Then go to the trustee meeting and ask questions but don't sit on some blog site and throw snowballs.

And if you don't know, ask questions but don't pontificate like you do know.

Anonymous said...

10:49 you sound like an overly sensitive trustee...why don't explain the rationale for spending the money and save us from wasting our evening to ask you questions you probably won't answer?