Sunday, March 07, 2010

Destroying the Constitution

Dear Editor:

Why limit the reach of your editorial to just the Second Amendment when there are nine more to rewrite("Rule wisely," March 7, 2010)?

To help you along, I'll write the next editorial for you (tongue in cheek).

"Anytown sits next to a troublesome suburb and absorbs their words of liberty and freedom. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court appears unlikely to step away from its activist interpretation of the First Amendment as a right held by the individual. And a ruling against Anytown repeats the idea that the right of speech applies nationwide.

A group of government officials urging the court to prevent such a travesty wisely noted that 'the First Amendment was written to protect the states from redress of its citizens' and that 'it makes no sense to incorporate the right of speech against the states.'

What is particularly disturbing are the accidental effects of free speech, especially with regard to children.

How do the justices of the nation's highest court presume to know what local speech ordinances are best for maintaining law and order on the streets of America's highly diverse cities?"

There you are. Two down and eight to go.


Jim Fedako

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Anonymous said...

Spot on. I read the article and nearly decided to cancel my subscription. What a bunch of liberal dolts.