Wednesday, March 03, 2010

And then there were six

Olentangy local schools are celebrating their meager six National Merit Semifinalists. Forgotten is the number of semifinalists the district used to have 12 years ago -- then a much smaller district (roughly one quarter the size) with the same number of semifinalists.

Your tax dollars at work.


Anonymous said...

Olentangy think that they are it. The bigger the school the better are the kids right?
Wrong, there are teachers that don't real care, only about there pay checks and raises.

My question is why does the ACT count as a grade, so if the kids fail the teachers should be fired. Olentangy wont hurt the teachers just the kids.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:55

But the district cares so much about the kids that they just spent $12,000 on 44 coffee makers for the they buy the coffee too! Don't forget the 90 microwaves as well.

Its all for the kids....NOT!

Anonymous said...

8:55 pm

Learn how to spell and then we can talk...

Anonymous said...

Less than 1/10 of 1% of eligible students. Fantastic. Bravo Oletangy!

If we're paying $1.3MM for superintendent to turn out that kind of product, then maybe we should double his contract so we can achieve 2/10ths of 1% (that would be 1/5th of a percent, for all of you Everyday Mathematics students who can't figure out fractions).

Now that Galloway lost his Party's nomination and took himself out of the commish race, maybe he can turn his full attention to making the administration accountable for results. Then again, maybe he'll just fall back into his comfort zone of rubber stamping every ridiculous expenditure that begs for his "Yes" vote.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? They spent $12K on FORTY FOUR coffee makers?

That's $273.00 a piece.


Is there a bagel account, too? (silly question--you know there is)

Anonymous said...

Page 145

Don't forget the 90 microwaves for $15k.

It's all for the kids!!!

Anonymous said... must be a district stooge!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of money for coffee makers, microwaves, etc.. but on the other hand, the reason it was done is that the fire marshal nixed teachers having their own coffee makers in the building b/c they didn't meet code for institutional use. I am sure the district could have found cheaper ones, though I don't know what institutional grade appliances cost. I am sure there are those who will say that teachers don't need to have coffee or a hot lunch, but those are common items in any business.

Anonymous said...

8:53....Another district stooge.

Let's get this straight...teacher had their own personal(they paid for them) coffee makers and microwaves in their rooms. District gets cited by Fire district spends our tax money to buy new coffee makers and microwaves.

What's wrong with this picture??? Perhaps they should pass the hat and have each teacher that wants fresh coffee and a hot meal on demand, pony up a couple of bucks to pay for the new machines.

My company provides a cafeteria to go buy coffee and hot bagels...hey wait a does OLSD.

Come on....another $50k down the tubes on stupidity. Are we buying the coffee too????

Anonymous said...

You work for a cheap company. Every company I've worked for in 25 years has provided hot coffee to its employees.

Anonymous said...

no 1:18 I work for an extremely profitable company that contributes 6.5% to our 401k regardless of what employees contribute. They pay all our medical insurance. They provide bonuses and incentives for performance. Oh and flexible work schedule.

We buy our own coffee, breakfast, and lunch!

It is obvious that you don't work for a government entity. State and Federal workers buy their own coffee too!!!

Anonymous said...

You better believe that, now that the district has shelled out the cash for "institutional" (ie "commercial grade") coffee makers that paid coffee service is not far behind. They'll manage to sneak that in sometime soon--wait and see.

We'll soon see a study by dopey Jeff Brown that shows that "Caffeinated Teachers = Higher Achievement".

I'm still waiting to find out if there is a bagel fund. I bet there is.

Anonymous said...

This news just released via "Wadevda"

Olentangy makes "investment" in teachers to secure the coveted "Most Caffeinated Faculty Award".

More on this after we eliminate the shakes!

Anonymous said...

Alert...."district adds 130 mini-fridges to coffee maker and microwave order.....Student test scores don't improve....but teacher satisfaction rises!"