Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teaching spirituality

But never religion.

And here I thought synchronicity was nothing more than the nonsensical babble of Jung and Sting. It turns out that it is now a cutting edge pedagogy.

If you think L. Ron Hubbard and his Dianetics are an anomaly, watch this video from the Teachers College Record, the Marxist voice of Columbia University's Teachers College. This is the stuff is bizarre and beyond scary.

Keep in mind, these ideas are the philosophical basis of current educational practices. Teacher have been inculcated in spiritual nonsense, and they desire to indoctrinate the subsequent generations.

Amazing stuff. You just can't make this up.


Anonymous said...

I was distracted by the narrator's chameleon eyes. I swear I saw one move independently of the other in the beginning. But anyway...

I laughed all the way through, but it's really no laughing matter. Are these people so insecure with the low brow image of their profession that they have to try to make us believe that it's more than what it really is? They strive to turn it into a science. But, of course it's a science that only they--the truly enlightened--can only understand.

Here's a passage from a book review on the TCRecord. This sums up the current state of the collective (ist) educator mindset: "As we teachers continue to be subject to abuse, like torture victims, we turn to our victimizers for respite from the pain. We imagine that corporate lawyers and executives, accountants, millionaires and billionaires, men and women, although mainly men, who have championed the eradication of social security and unions, cutbacks in funding for social programs and the breaking of the New Deal have some insight into how we should educate the youth of this country. What they offer are practices culled from business and the logics of the marketplace. And out of shame, fear, fantasies of grandeur and worthlessness, and a profound sense of loss we are vulnerable to these."

Anonymous said...

How do you clean vomit from your keyboard?

This vial and disgusting crap made me sick!!!

Great find Jim!! Spot on 11:29!