Friday, January 08, 2010

Access Denied

The folks over at Delaware County Political Reporter know how to run a blog. They really do.

From the very start, I recognized their talent. And I always thought they were bound for the big leagues of blogging. So ...

Ever since DCPR went under cover, I felt as if I had been left behind -- like a minor league ballplayer watching a former teammate put on a Yankees cap for the first time.

So I went under cover (see right).

But then I realized that blogging is about getting your message out. It's not about sharing ideas with your little gang of friends -- that's what email is for

No readers, no message. So what's the point?

I'm back in the open after my four hours under cover. And I'm wondering: Are the folks at DCPR simply laughing at their own inside jokes?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

The DCPR is kinda like what we thought of Tiger Woods. We admired his aloofness, detachment and control. We held him in a particular esteem. Discovered and disgraced, and abandoned by his friends, he now hides in his house. A social leper.

I picture those DCPR fools slouching over a barrel fire in a frigid room giggling over their own best Andy Brenner insults, like has-been ball players pining ad nauseum over their glory days.

"Remember this one...'Andy Brenner has cooties!' Ha Ha Ha Ha".

They did to themselves what they deserved. Banished. THAT I can thank them for

Anonymous said...

Jim - Expect a Mental Anguish lawsuit if you ever do that again! For four hours I was without the Anti-Positivist and while I'm recovering, I don't know that I'll ever be the same.

Thank you for returning free access to the great workings of your mind.

Anonymous said...

Didn't like the dark Jim?

Glad to see Anti Positivist open in the light!

However the general consensus is the world is a better place without the lowlife bottom-feeder dcpr.

Banish the degenerates Hanks and Thompson then all will be well....