Thursday, January 07, 2010

My bad ... they are the public's schools

And here I used to say that government schools exist for ... well, for government and associated sycophants. It turns out I was wrong. Dreadfully wrong.

According to the latest truth from the district communications department, old Wade-O is letting the masses pick the new colors. That's right, "we" get to pick the colors. What an "important" decision to be placing in the hands of the taxpayer. How magnanimous.

Folks, these really are your schools. And I admit I was wrong. -- Jim

Note: If your blood doesn't boil reading Wade-O's belittling nonsense, you deserve his derision.

Olentangy Local Schools is once again asking for community input regarding decisions for one of the district’s new schools. During the 2011-12 school year, the district is scheduled to open its fifth middle school, Olentangy Berkshire Middle School (OBMS). While the name and mascot (Sentinels) were already selected based on previous community participation, the district is currently seeking input regarding the color selection for the school.

“I believe that the schools belong to the community,” said Olentangy Superintendent Wade Lucas, Ed.D. “As such community members should be involved in these types of important decisions.”


Anonymous said...

sentinel (n.) One who watches or guards; specifically (Mil.), a soldier set to guard an army, camp, or other place, from surprise, to observe the approach of danger, and give notice of it; a sentry.
Who's watching and guarding whom? From what?
I vote for yellow and black. Yellow for sneaky cowards and black for their souls.

Anonymous said...

There is a minor technicality that was is the backback letter given to every color must be blue!!!

I vote for kelly the Sentinel can watch over the money they keep blowing on stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Red and Green.

Red - they are blood sucking parasites.

Green - The feed off of money.

Wado Flucas,

Since you we know you are reading this, please put marks in the appropriate color column. I'm glad we are paying you $300K / year to work on the next Middle School's colors.