Friday, January 22, 2010

Browbeaten by hypocrisy ... at the Columbus Zoo

The enviro-saints over at the Columbus Zoo ruined a recent visit by constantly browbeating me with their hypocritical nonsense. At ever opportunity, and at ever turn, they condemn the wasteful actions of man. Yet, notwithstanding the history of zoos with regard to environmental issues (slaughtering animals in order to make a few bucks on the ones that survived the hunt and trip to the zoo), the enviro-saints never even mention the resources consumed by the zoo, 24-7.

In full sight of these Pol-Pot-esque return-to-nature displays, stand the amusement rides and Zoombezi Bay, and the golf course, with acres of asphalt separating the two. I'm evil,but it is OK for them to sell plastic trinkets -- overpriced, nonetheless.

It gets even better in the summer, with the doors opened at the air conditioned stores. I guess it's OK for them to use resources because, by definition, they are good stewards of the planet. It's only fools like me who are the ravenous consumers and evil polluters. Yet the enviro-saints willingly open their gates to those who pony up a few bucks in order to see the depressed animals, and to be browbeaten.

Nonsense upon nonsense. And freely I paid for it this time.

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget all of the electricity used in the Winter for the lights display....