Friday, November 20, 2009

There has to be more here ... there just has to be

But, I guess it ends with this. -- Jim

From The Columbus Dispatch

Delaware County jail director resigns
Friday, November 20, 2009 4:29 PM
The Columbus Dispatch

DELAWARE, Ohio The director of the Delaware County jail resigned today after admitting to using his personal cell phone to take and send inappropriate photos to a female employee, Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said.

Christopher L. Smith, 34, took one of the images while he was on duty and dressed in uniform, Davis said.

Smith sent the photos to a woman who worked for a company that provides health-care services at the jail. The woman no longer works at the jail, but the sheriff said he did not have details on her employment status because she is not a county employee.

Smith had been on paid leave since Nov. 9 and was being investigated for violating office policies concerning non-discrimination and harassment. Smith resigned today during a meeting the sheriff had arranged to discuss the results of an internal review.

"He felt disappointed in himself and felt that he had let down the office," Davis said.

In his resignation letter, Smith said he resigned with deep regret and thanked Davis for "the challenges and life experiences" he gained at work.

The administrative investigation found that Smith violated the office's code of conduct but did not warrant a criminal probe, Davis said. He first learned of Smith's alleged misconduct through an anonymous complaint to the county commissioners.

"The citizens of Delaware County deserve public servants who represent the mission of our office," Davis said. "The office cannot and will not tolerate employees who exhibit a lack of judgment while on duty."

Smith could not be reached for comment. He joined the sheriff's office in March 2008, and previously worked for the Morrow County sheriff's office for 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Ah--a job opening for the Toad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Smith ever snuck around in someone else's office when they were not around? Maybe O'Brien could fill in that role. But I guess he would be disqualified in enforcing and upholding the law.

Anonymous said...

I have evidence on Mr. Smith as well as the many others who stand behind The Blue Wall of Silence!"
Silencing Victim's by throwing evidence out, loosing evidence, & aiding in Victimizing "Victims!"
Please contact me soon! Fact's will come out!