Monday, November 16, 2009

The book has been ordered ...

... and I am waiting on delivery. Sounds like an excellent book by Ostrowski. -- Jim

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Explosive Expose on Government Schools Published

Buffalo, New York. November 16, 2009. James Ostrowski, prominent libertarian and tea party movement leader, has published his second book,
Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids: What You Need to Know. The book urges parents to pull their children out of the schools to escape crime, drugs, promiscuity, political correctness, indoctrination, and academic mediocrity. “This book provides the tea party movement with a strategic roadmap to restore the Jeffersonian vision of individual liberty that is the very essence of America,” he writes.Ostrowski was led to write the book out of anger that his own kids’ parish school closed in 2006. At the present rate, private schools are doomed as a poor economy and rising tuitions squeeze out working class parents who are already forced to pay large sums for failing government schools.

The fate of the nation is tied to the future of K-12 education, Ostrowski argues: “The grand result of our experiment with government schools is a population ill-prepared to deal with the present crisis in America. . . . they are utterly unequipped to deal with the harsh new reality that the regime is failing and the nation is in the process of economic collapse.”

Another excerpt: “Government schools are truly the foundation of big government today. They supply the funding and the troops [the teachers unions] and they drum the ideology into your children, five days a week for thirteen years. Finally, they render many children less able to survive without constant support and direction from the government. Their message is that people cannot live in freedom and they fulfill that prophecy with each graduating class.”

After reviewing 50 years of failed efforts to reform the schools through the political process, Ostrowski argues that the only feasible option is direct citizen action: a massive simultaneous withdrawal of children from the schools.

James Ostrowski is a trial and appellate lawyer in Buffalo, New York. He was on presidential candidate Ron Paul’s legal staff last year. His policy studies have been published by the Hoover Institution, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Cato Institute. His articles have been used as course materials at numerous colleges and universities including Brown, Rutgers and Stanford. He taught a course in the Constitution at Canisius College and has been a guest lecturer at the University at Buffalo Medical School.

Presently he is an Adjunct Scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and columnist for He is editor of the libertarian blog, and founder and president of the Jeffersonian think tank, Free New York, Inc.

He is the author of the 2004 anthology, Political Class Dismissed, dubbed the “bible of the Upstate NY tax revolt.”

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