Saturday, November 21, 2009

Educational relativism

The Ohio School Boards Association is the lobbying arm of Ohio's public school districts. In the note below, OSBA defines its position as one of money -- their position is simply relative to the amount of state tax dollars appropriated.

For OSBA and the rest of the educationists, progressive nonsense is never morally or ethically wrong, it's only underfunded.

-- Jim

From OSBA's Facts in a Flash:

Healthy Children, Healthy Choices Legislation

Both the Ohio House (HB 373) and Ohio Senate (SB 210) are proposing bipartisan bills that would establish nutritional standards for certain foods and beverages sold in schools; require public school students to have periodic body mass index measurements; and require daily physical activity for students. Both bills are being strongly supported by the Ohio Business Roundtable and other health care advocates.

Specifically, the bills would:

  • Require that schools provide 30 minutes of physical activity for students each day.
  • Increase required physical education time for high school students from a half-unit to a full unit, and ensure that teachers are licensed in physical education.
  • Require that schools offer more nutritious food and beverages in vending machines and on menus.
  • Require body mass index screenings for students entering third, fifth and ninth grades, educate parents about the results and post aggregate results on district report cards.
  • Increase access to free breakfast for students who qualify. OSBA is working with other interested parties on the legislation.

We have expressed some concerns regarding how the proposal would be funded and how districts would fit the new requirements into an already crowded school day.


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of regulating the BMI of students, or mandating more physical activity. Granted it would be good for their health, but it is not the role of the state to mandate.

I do not mind pulling the soda, candy, and high calorie high fat snacks out of the schools. But this is not the role of the state either.

Anonymous said...

When we enter a medical office we are presented with papers to sign regarding our privacy (HIPPA,HYPPA, whatever) but when our children enter a government school they must be weighed and measured and have their personal information made public? But of course, as per COMMUNITARIAN LAW, all of us must be forced to live right and eat right because our rights must be weighed against the GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY. That's why the cigarette laws, the fat laws, etc. Businesses are now using carrots and sticks to get their employees to take part in public walks and exercises to receive a reduction on their insurance costs. Andrea Cambern is on the idiot box daily urging us to COMMIT TO BE FIT. The COMMUNITARIANS will use carrots a bit but the stick comes out eventually.

Anonymous said...

"We have expressed some concerns regarding how the proposal would be funded and how districts would fit the new requirements into an already crowded school day."

I don't understand how OASBO could not know how to fit this unfunded mandates into "an already crowded school day"...OASBO knows the answers to everything--after all, they know better than I do what is right and good for my child. And Becky Jenkins was president of OASBO last year and--surprise!--is OASBO "2009 Treasurer of the Year", so she should have all the answers. She was given three raises this year, so she should be three times as sage in her knowledge of how to fit all of this in.

Anonymous said...

no no...cut the strings program and fund the OTA president's after school ...1 day a week...lets have fun "gym class"

Brian said...

Well soon the state will be adding domestic violence classes to the PE schedule, this from The Dispatch and Strickland's latest feel good effort.