Thursday, July 17, 2008

Olentangy School District: How many district folks does it take to meet with the bond rating folks

Seven! That's right, and they are all bound for Chi-town -- spending your tax dollars along the way.

According to ThisWeek Olentangy, Dimon McFerson said, "We do have a good story to tell." Ever hear of a conference call? A good story works over the phone as well as in person. Of course, when you work for the district, living large is the name of the game.

Hey Olentangy Taxpayers, You agreed to pay for this nonsense. Didn't OFK mention that? Oh, and remember, it's all for the kids.


Anonymous said...

7 .... WOW! Does it really take that many people to cover for Ms. Jenkins incompetence?

Who can say "Free Summer Vacation!"

Anonymous said...

Why are SEVEN people going? Why is Andy Kerr going? Can't our treasurer present Kerr's "in-depth capital plan" to the agencies herself? What do we pay her--$115--$120K? And she can't present the districts financial position herself??

People in the company I work for that make that kind of money are expected to be able to make executive-level presentations, and often. They're expected to know every inch of their business and be subject matter experts in their areas of responsibility. We have a treasurer--no, excuse me: "treasurer"--who can't even present the districts financial position without a posse of advisors.

Oh, that's right...she can't even be asked to provide actual spend data without diving under Galloway's chair for cover, or looking to Papa Dimon to protect her from having to deal with those mean Actuals.

Knowing these folks they're probably staying downtown, near the high cost financial district--not utilizing economy accommodations by O'Hare. And given their proclivity to spending I can also imagine dinner at Morton's and a Cubs game.

I understand bringing a lawyer, as the district has to pay for that expertise in the first place, but who are the "financial advisors" that are going? Anyone know??