Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Article from World Magazine

Read World Magazine for a Christian perspective on the news. Every media source has its own bias, so chose the bias that fits with your view. And since there are no "R" rated photos or stories, you don't have to be embarrassed leaving a copy around for kids and guests to review. The magazine contains nothing other than the national and world news reported from a Christian perspective. Refreshing, indeed.

We subscribe to World Magazine -- the Christrian version of Time, Newsweek, etc. Here is a few excerpt from a great article that appears in the latest edition:

Wrong doxology
When big government becomes a false god it puts true worship out of tune Joel Belz

For a pretty long time, it's been a pretty good fit. Three significant groups of U.S. citizens—with a lot of important issues in common, but by no means everything—have formed a political alliance that even in recent times has sometimes seemed unstoppable.

The three groups are fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and those who believe in a strong national defense. If you want to oversimplify, you can point to (1) limited government; (2) pro-life and pro-family; and (3) muscular military.


To that end, let me recommend a good, if admittedly secular, starting point. The "limited government" segment of the trio has no more eloquent—or funnier—spokesman than Grover Norquist, author of a new book bluntly titled Leave Us Alone. Norquist offers a pretty comprehensive catalog of the causes important to folks who fear big government. He helpfully spells out who his allies should be: taxpayers, businessmen and women, Second Amendment voters, homeschoolers, property-rights activists and homeowners, communities of faith and parents' rights, the ownership society, the police, and the military.


But that needs to be spelled out—in almost exegetical detail—with one specific issue after another. We need to demonstrate in day-to-day terms how easily big government becomes the false god that the true God of the Bible so regularly warns against.


Mickey McLean said...

Jim: Thank you so much for your endorsement of WORLD Magazine. We appreciate it!

We'd prefer that you not post all of Joel's column on your site. It's OK, however, to use a short excerpt along with your link. Thanks.

Mickey McLean
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Jim Fedako said...


Done. Thanks.