Thursday, July 31, 2008

A letter regarding the Delaware senior services levy

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the recent letters regarding the August senior services levy.

This is what I gathered from the discussions about the levy and the services to be provided: the levy will allow some seniors to remain at home and not be a burden (financial or otherwise) to their children.

The problem with this logic is that government produces nothing. So, while the levy will allow certain seniors to remain at home, the burden remains -- it simply passes from the family to everyone else.

My issues are not the levy -- it's a minor tax increase. My issues are the current trend to have government replace the family as caregiver, as well as the belief that government somehow removes a burden.

And, as government assumes the role of caregiver, the bond that first goes from parent to child, and then from child to parent, is forever broken. A sad state of affairs indeed.

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Anonymous said...

If you received a post card on the senior levy, the people on the front of the card has past away.
My question is this levy a fraud?