Friday, July 25, 2008

The evil speculator is me ... and you

Oops ... I just speculated.

Forgive me, but I had to. You see gas prices are lower than I've seen in a while. And with a weekend approaching, I topped off my tank in order to beat the likely weekend price increase.

So, if you are waiting to purchase gas, my demand today might cause tomorrow's price to increase. If it did, blame the increase on the speculator; blame it on me.


Anonymous said...

The airlines are the ones driving the "anti-speculator" legislation through congress when they're the most active speculators in the fuel futures market. there was a good piece on airline speculation activity in the Dispatch Business section last week. The airlines have dedicated trading desks doing this for them.

The airlines are just mad that people have discovered that they, too, can game the fuel market.

Jim Fedako said...

Actually, they rest are mad that Southwestern bought futures back when for what is now a song.