Monday, October 29, 2007

We know the ending ...

This Tuesday, the Olentangy school board is set to vote on its latest Five-Year Forecast. The forecast will have to be approved at the meeting since it must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by the end of the month. So ...

We know the ending of this fictional play: The district is in dire need of a levy. Yet, we don't know the how the playwrights will get us there.

You see, the district has to show need where none exists. And, the need has to equal the millage submitted to the county auditor just a few weeks ago.

Oh, sure, this forecast will look different from the one submitted in May, but the storyline is already set, and the ending already approved.

I'm certain that the board discussions will have the same ring of truth as the Soviet Show Trials -- the
Moscow Trials -- during Stalin's Great Purge. The sentences were a given, but the drama was in the political machinations the court used to arrive at its decisions.

Machinations will be on display at the board meeting this Tuesday. Go to see if everyone is on-cue; government doing the people's business. No purge this time, just plunder.

Even when you know the ending, the performances and scripted dialogue can be a delight.

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