Friday, October 05, 2007

Listserve Response

Response on another listserve regarding the belief that government can cure societal ills.


Government schools are a well-established failure.

Two things:

1. Society doesn't fail anyone; nor does it possess the ability to problem-solve. Society is just the arbitrary aggregation that some -- such as yourself -- hide behind when they want others to act in a certain manner. There is no concrete construct that is society. There are, instead, people acting in their own interest within some geographic area. However, when those people act other than how you would like, you create society out of the ether, establish its failures, assign your true means and ends to government, and hope that coercion and compulsion bend individual wills to your liking. This is the same manner by which the free market is condemned and interventionist government -- the vaunted third way -- is promoted; a sophist ploy.

2. It is the height of arrogance to allude to your ability to judge failures and successes, and then propose changes. We all have our opinions, but do not begin to claim that you can judge the failures and successes of acting individuals, and then propose top-down, government solutions that will force-fix supposed ills. Really, John, you aren't that bright. No one is.

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