Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NEA Hypocrisy

Mike Antonucci of the Education Intellegence Agency noted the following:

2) NEA to Take On "Violent and Indecent" TV Programming. EIA has no special knowledge of this project, but we'll all learn more tomorrow as representatives of NEA, the National PTA, the National Council of Women's Organizations and the Parents' Choice Foundation hold a press conference at the National Press Club to announce a "major grassroots initiative" to tackle the problem of the "rise in violent and indecent television programming" for children.

I'm 3,000 miles away, but if you're in DC tomorrow, they are serving a continental breakfast at 8:30!
Funny, the NEA and its minions have no problems introducing their perverse nonsense within public schools. Probably just a Progressive educationist thing as only professional teachers seem to be able to identify violent and indecent. And, woe to any parent who dared disagree.

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